To ensure transparency and provide you with a clear understanding of how we operate and support our team, we would like to disclose our participation in affiliate marketing programs that allow us to earn commissions when new drivers sign up using links provided in our posts.

Affiliate Marketing participates in affiliate marketing, a common practice in the digital landscape. Affiliate marketing involves partnering with companies or services and promoting their products or services through special tracking links. When a user clicks on one of these links and signs up with the partner service, we may earn a commission as a referral fee.

We carefully select our affiliate partners and only promote services and products that are relevant to our audience and align with the interests of gig drivers. While we do earn commissions through these partnerships, we do not control the products, services, or the content provided by our affiliate partners. Any questions, concerns, or issues related to the services or products offered by the affiliate partner should be directed to the respective partner.

How It Works

When you click on an affiliate link in one of our posts and proceed to sign up with the partner service, we may earn a commission from that partner. It’s important to note that this does not result in any additional cost to you.

The commissions we earn from affiliate marketing help us cover the costs associated with maintaining and operating the Website, such as hosting, content creation, website development, and other operational expenses. Additionally, these earnings support our team, allowing them to continue providing valuable content and maintaining the high-quality standards we aim for.


We want to emphasize that the inclusion of affiliate links in our posts does not influence the content, recommendations, or reviews that we provide. Our commitment remains unwavering – we strive to deliver honest and unbiased information to our visitors. Our primary goal is to furnish valuable content that informs and assists you in making well-informed decisions.

Your Responsibility

We encourage you to use your judgment and discretion when signing up for services or products through affiliate links on our Website. It’s important that you review the terms and conditions, privacy policies, and any other relevant policies of the affiliate partner to ensure they meet your specific needs and expectations. prioritize transparency and strive to ensure that you have a clear understanding of how we operate and support our team. Your trust is of paramount importance to us, and we appreciate your continued support and readership.

This affiliate disclosure is subject to occasional revisions and updates. If you have any questions or concerns about our affiliate marketing practices or would like more information, please feel free to contact us using the provided contact information.


Updated on 10 November 2023