Have you ever been required to enter a PIN before completing a delivery with Uber Eats in Australia? You are not alone, it turns out this is something that is often experienced by fellow drivers in the country.

Many say that this is one of the new features introduced by Uber to protect both delivery drivers and customers. Various pros and cons responses also emerged to this feature.

From the perspective of drivers who are against it, they complain that this feature has the potential to prevent them from being able to complete deliveries immediately and consider it a waste of time. However, for drivers who support it, this feature can save them from false reports from customers.

This time we will learn more about PIN requirements during delivery with Uber Eats. Including the reasons why some delivery drivers often get it, when and where this usually happens, and several other things.

What is the Uber Eats delivery PIN?

It’s an additional feature designed to enhance the security of the Uber Eats ecosystem by adding an extra layer of verification before the driver hands over the order to the customer.

The purpose of this safety feature is to make sure the driver has given the order to the right customer. Because as we know, it’s easy to make mistakes and give orders to the wrong address or person, especially at night when house numbers are usually not clearly visible.

This security feature will benefit both customers and delivery drivers. Customers will be assured that their orders will reach them and drivers will be protected from false reports since the drop-off has been verified by Uber Eats.

However, the utilization of the PIN feature only applies when customers opt for the ‘meet at my door’ or ‘meet outside’ delivery options. If customers opt for the ‘leave at door’ delivery option, it will disable the PIN verification and the driver will not be asked for the PIN again.

When does a delivery require a PIN?

Even though this security feature seems very helpful, it turns out that not all Uber Eats delivery orders require a PIN. Several drivers we met said that this happened randomly and could happen at any time.

The reason why Uber does not activate this feature permanently on all delivery orders is probably that this feature is not always practical because it has the potential to lengthen delivery times and sometimes be a bit inconvenient for customers.

The following are several conditions that usually could trigger this security feature:

  • Customer’s first order. This feature is often experienced by drivers who deliver orders to new customers, who are ordering for the first time via Uber Eats. This may be one of Uber’s attempts to leave a good impression on these new customers.
  • Customers haven’t ordered for a while. This can happen when a customer orders again after previously not ordering or stopped ordering for a long time, which could be several months or years.
  • Delivery to apartment buildings and hotels. Because the potential to hand over orders to the wrong customer is quite high in both of these delivery destinations, the PIN requirement will be very helpful.
  • Customers constantly report food not arriving. According to several drivers, this is the most common reason that triggers this feature. A drop-off PIN will help prevent orders from being handed over to the wrong person or address.

Some of the conditions we mentioned above are not absolutely the reason why an Uber Eats order requires PIN verification, since no one knows the exact reason. However, Uber has likely considered many variables and past patterns of a customer, to measure the level of risk attached to each order before triggering additional verification.

Uber Eats PIN delivery not working or Customer doesn’t have the PIN

There’s nothing wrong with the PIN thing, although it’s a bit of a hassle, but the benefits are greater. A new problem occurs when there is a system glitch where customers do not get in-app notifications if they are required to provide a PIN to the delivery driver.

If you are an Uber Eats delivery driver and experience this, then before you ask Uber support to help, you can try these tips:

  • Remind them to look again at their phone used to order and guide them to look at the PIN which usually appears in the order details. Because some customers don’t realize that they have to give the PIN to the driver.
  • When you can’t find the PIN anywhere in the Uber app. Some delivery drivers we met suggested entering the last 4 digits of the customer’s phone number registered in the Uber app.
Last Updated on October 9, 2023
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