As the largest rideshare platform in Australia and also in the world, Uber always strives to be committed to their driver-partners. As we know, in rideshare business driver retention is one of the big problems for the companies.

According to CNBC, in the US, only 4% of people who sign up for drive for rideshare services are still driving a year later. One of the main reasons why many driver-partners stop driving with rideshare companies is the pay, they think that this job isn’t worth their time and effort.

With the reduction of drivers on the road, it can lead to increased waiting time for riders due to the longer pickup distance. In addition, having fewer drivers can also trigger surge pricing in an area that might discourage people to ride with this service and choose a cheaper alternative.

To improve driver retention and keep drivers on the road, Uber offers several promotions for their active partners in Australia and New Zealand with various financial bonuses that could allow drivers to earn more.

Uber Driver Promotions List in Australia & NZ

Here are some Uber driver promotions that apply in Australia and New Zealand. However, depending on what city you drive in and your driver account performance, you may receive all promotions, or just one or the other.

  1. Uber Pro
    In mid-2019 Uber began implementing a loyalty program for driver-partners in Australia and NZ labelled as Uber Pro. Every driver who successfully completes a trip on off-peak times will get 1 point, in peak times they will get 5 points.

    uber pro au promotions

    Uber Pro Australia NZ

    Points collected will determine the driver’s status in the platform: Blue, Gold, Platinum or Diamonds. Every tier has its own rewards, from fuel discount to not-at-fault accident replacement vehicle.

  2. Weekly Quest
    In addition, to keep drivers on the road they also offer another reward to its driver-partners, it’s known as Uber Quest. An incentive that requires the driver to completing a certain number of trips in a certain time period. For example, drive 18 trips more to make $100 extra or 5 trips to make $25 extra.

    uber quest australia

    Uber Quest Australia

    Unlike Uber Pro, not all driver-partners are eligible to get this rewards. Uber only gives it to the lucky select drivers.

  3. Uber Boost
    Sometimes Uber offers a boost promotion, with this promo you can earn higher fares, especially in featured areas during busy hours. Boost fares work in multiples, for example, if you get a trip within a 1.5 boost zone that’s usually $10, then your boosted fare is $15.

    uber boost au promotion

    Boost Promotion Australia

    Boost promotion works like surge pricing, you will see on the app’s map where boost promotion applies in your city. You can drive to the area to get the chance to get boosted fares.

  4. Seasonal Promotions
    Uber often offers several seasonal promotions to its driver-partners. This type of driver promotions is special offers tied to an event during the year. This can be a specific public holiday such as New Year’s Day or a certain time of year where demand for rideshare increases such as at the end of the year, this usually takes place from October to December.

    super season au promotion

    Seasonal Promotion

    For example, starting in late October 2019 Uber offers its driver-partners across Australia a 5% service fee for the rest of the week after they complete 50 trips. So, once you hit 50 trips on Wednesday, you will enjoy a 5% service fee on all trips for the rest of that week or till Sunday. This is a good deal because as we know the standard Uber fee was 25%.

    However, just like quests promotions, the seasonal promotion only applies to selected drivers who get notifications on their Uber Driver app.

How drivers are eligible to get Uber promotions

Uber offers many kinds of financial bonuses and rewards to their Australian and NZ driver-partners. But some types of promotions are only offered to selected drivers. So, who is eligible for promotions?

To be able to get the offers, you might need to meet a promotion’s specific requirements. The requirements of promotions may include but not limited to the following factors.

  1. Acceptance rate
    The acceptance rate is the percentage of trip requests you accept from the total trips offered to you. Every trip count, whether it is a completed trip, cancelled and time-out trip request. To make good acceptance rate, make sure you don’t cherry-picking ride requests from riders.
  2. Number of completed trips
    To be eligible for promotions try to complete every trip you receive, since cancellations either initiated by the driver or rider will not count as completed trips.
  3. Hours online
    The total number of hours you were online is calculated when you on trips, going to rider pickup locations, or available and receiving trip requests.
  4. Specific locations
    If you often drive in cities or areas where there are usually plenty of trip requests, then you have a greater chance of getting driver promotions from Uber.


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