Have you had issues with the Doordash driver app showing an ‘Oh no!’ error message when trying to complete payment details. Here is the message I received, ‘Your date of birth is invalid. Please double check your DOB and make sure it is in MM/DD/YYYY format’.

My account has been successfully activated and has officially become Dasher since a few weeks ago. I’ve also been doordashing for a week now and I can’t receive payment until this has been verified but I can’t get past this DOB error message. I should also have received my weekly payment now, but because of this problem, my earnings withdrawal was delayed.

Support hasn’t been much help, all they’ve done is ‘escalate’ it but I haven’t heard back from them. For me there is no other way but to keep trying to contact the support team until this problem is resolved, I don’t know how much time. I hope there are recommendations from your experience to solve this issue?

Lara – Australia

Getting payment as a result of our own hard work is certainly the most awaited thing, especially if it is our first payment from the new platform. When there is a problem with the first payment, we might get frustrated, and might give us a bad first impression of this platform.

Apparently, this problem is not completely new because it turns out that there are several Dasher or Doordash deliver drivers that have a similar problem just like you. They are also unable to work through the DOB error message even though they have tried many times.

dob dasher issue

Date of Birth Invalid Issue

Based on the experience of some drivers, there are several possible causes for this problem. The first is related to your account status. If you just registered with Doordash and still haven’t received an email or text message about your account activation status, then the problem may be in your background check which is not cleared yet.

Then the second is related to the Dasher app itself. Because there is a possibility that there is a glitch in the driver app. A sudden, generally short-term malfunction or fault of the app can happen at any time.

To work around this, here are some things we can recommend to those who receive an error message like this.

  • Ask Doordash support for your background check status as well as National Crime Check (NCC) as the agency that processes your check. Because once your police check is cleared and your account is activated this problem can go away by itself. Find out more in our other posts about account activation.
  • If you are using iPhone for Dashing and having this problem. You can try to log in using a smartphone with Android OS like Samsung or Huawei. Because some drivers have said that the date of birth setting issue does not occur on Android phones. Don’t worry, after completing your details and saving them, you can return to your previous iPhone device.
  • In case the above solutions don’t work for you, the last resort is to contact the support team. However, some drivers suggest not to contact via email or chat for this kind of problem. Whenever possible, try to call them directly and explain the problem to them.
Last Updated on February 27, 2022
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