DoorDash has now become a good side gig-economy job, especially for delivery drivers in several cities in Australia where this on-demand food delivery company is opening its services. As an independent contractor, it’s common to be active with more than one delivery platforms since it’s legal in this country. Active with more than one app also increases the possibility to get more pings and earn more every day.


How DoorDash works just like other delivery apps, a brand new driver will have no trouble working with this platform. One thing that slightly distinguishes their service from others is the use of a Red Card, a debit card issued by the company solely to pay for the order at certain restaurants or merchants.

When you sign up to become a DoorDash driver, you will get a Red Card at the orientation and it will be activated right away. So every driver who delivers with this platform is required to bring this card with them when working using their platform.

Drivers only need to use a Red Card when they receive an order that requires them to place an order first. Drivers will see additional information that says “Red Card Order” or “Pay with Red Card” when the driver gets this kind of delivery request.

Here we come up with some of the most frequently asked questions about Dasher Red Card, specifically about their use in Australia.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, DoorDash has decided to temporarily stop the use of Red Card on its platform across Australia. DoorDash also removes the requirement for new drivers to have a Red Card to be activated and it will not be shipped to Dashers.

How to activate a new Dasher Red Card

Before starting to deliver with DoorDash in Australia, every new driver will be given a free red card when attending an orientation at the local office. You are also allowed to have more than one Dasher Red Card that can be used as a spare card that you can buy from, just in case your main card is lost.

red card activation

DoorDash Red Card Activation

To activate a brand new Dasher red card, you can open the Dasher app and tap the “Red Card” menu. Then you only need to enter the Delight number and last four digits number printed on the card. Tap “Activate Red Card” and done. The card is now linked to your driver account and ready to be used to pay the bill at some merchants.


Do I need to make payments with the Red Card for every DoorDash order?

No, you only need to use this card only when you receive an order that requires you to place an order first. You will see the information about this on the Dasher app.

There is a small portion of restaurants listed in the DoorDash customer app that is an unaffiliated restaurant. When an order came from this kind of restaurant. DoorDash will act as courier service for their customers.

doordash red card order

Order require a Red Card

So, drivers need to order and pay for meals manually with a Red Card, wait for meals to be prepared, when ready they must immediately deliver it to the customer.

What should I do when my Red Card declined?

Just like other credit cards, your Red Card might also be declined when used at a cashier. This does not mean your card has been broken, but it can also take place due to an issue with the merchant’s payment system.

Before asking for support from the DD team for this problem you should confirm that the order is a Red Card Order and make sure you swipe the card as a credit transaction.


Can I use my own card to pay for the order?

A Red Card is a credit card just like yours, the possibility of this card being rejected is very rare. But if you decided to use your own card you can still get reimbursement for the red card failure by a support case file.

Can I use a Red Card for personal use such as pay for gas?

No, a Red Card can only be used to make payments to DoorDash restaurants or merchants and cannot be used for other payment purposes, including at the gas station.

Once the driver gets a Red Card order, the card will be loaded according to the amount needed by the driver to make a payment at the cashier. Once the payment is made, then the remaining amount will be taken from the card.

What if I lost my Red Card?

To get a replacement card, you can order a new International Red Card from and wait for it to reach your address. The card is listed as free when we try to order it.

If you want to get a replacement card without delay, you can contact support and ask the most recent orientation office in Australia, possibly having enough card stock there.

Can I still work when I lose my Red Card?

When your card is lost, you might not be able to schedule a dash or dash now. Based on the experience of several drivers, it’s better not to immediately report it as lost, but it’s advised to order the replacement card first. But you need to decline every red card order offered to you.

Once the replacement arrived, now you can mark your card as lost or remove it from your Dasher account, then re-connect the new card onto your Dasher account.

Red Card error when I try to schedule a Dash

Some DoorDash drivers, especially those who have just joined this food delivery platform often face problems with Red Card. The most commonly reported is the “Please have your red card setup” error message.

Red Card Setup Error

If this error message is experienced by the new driver, it is possible that the problem does not come from the card, but in the new driver account that has not been activated by DoorDash. This problem occurs because the background check process isn’t cleared yet. Contacting DoorDash support is a highly recommended step to resolve this.

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