Hi, I have a question regarding my deactivated/blocked Amazon Flex account. The reason behind this deactivation is that I have cancelled or forfeited the block within 45 minutes.

Actually, I didn’t just do it once, I think I’ve forfeited about 4 times this month. I had to do it because there was an urgent situation when I was going to the delivery station.

I know this behaviour violates the Amazon Flex program policy but are there possibilities of recovering the account? And if possible how long does the process take?


Hi William,
I’m sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, you took 4 opportunities away from other drivers who likely wanted to work and you couldn’t because you took the blocks and didn’t deliver as agreed. Your forfeited blocks may also have been picked up by someone else once you drop them but it’s not the point.

If many drivers do the same as you, many packages will be delayed. This condition could affect Amazon’s reputation in the future. When things like this continue to happen without punishment from the company, it will certainly affect the success of this program as well as decrease public trust in the reliability of the Amazon platform, especially in making deliveries.

So basically you were a no show for work 4 times, they probably won’t make you active again anytime soon. But, there is an experience from a delivery partner who successfully reactivated their Flex account by re-registering using a new email address.

But I’m a little doubtful since you still need to upload your license and other personal identification when re-apply, so they will know it’s the same person. Probably your dashboard was at the limit and after this one cross the line, probably you need to wait a year to apply again.

Sometimes, when Amazon gives a termination email, they still give its delivery partners a chance to appeal the decision, although in this case, it’s unlikely that your account will be reactivated anytime soon. To appeal, drivers will need to have appropriate proof to show that they are not what the company thinks.

As a driver, you can appeal straight away by responding to the email you have received. You can put in writing the actual situation, you can also include additional evidence like pictures or screenshots that might help the appeals team to change their decision.

amazon flex termination

Account Deactivated Notification

To avoid this from happening in the future, as an Amazon Flex delivery driver make sure you always visit your driver app Dashboard and take a moment to take a look at your driver account standing. Your standing show you how you’re doing the job. It’s made up of two parts: reliability and delivery quality.

When there is no problem with your account your standing status should be Fantastic or Great. But when you see your standing is At Risk, you must immediately introspect yourself. Because this status indicates if there are several things you need to improve. If there are no changes or your performance has decreased, you may not be eligible to deliver for Amazon.

Forfeit a block, especially if it is conducted in under 45 minutes before the shift starts, is one of the factors that affect your standing status on the platform. Amazon considers this action a serious breach of contract, so it is best to avoid it whenever possible. At least if you want to cancel a shift or block, do it before 45 minutes.

Last Updated on February 27, 2022
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