Driver ratings that we can see on each rideshare platform are useful for measuring the quality of the driver-partners. Just like drivers, riders also have a rating system that can be used to measure riders when using the rideshare platform.

This rating was created to maintain the driver’s quality of service to passengers. When a driver’s rating falls below the average ratings, they should expect to accept various consequences. And the worst thing is driver account deactivation due to below the community average ratings.

Driver rating for a rideshare driver is important, it is quite difficult to get a perfect rating or 5-star driver rating because of several things such as differences in expectations of each rider to the services of a driver.

For example, there are riders who have no problem if the driver arrives a few minutes late, but there are some riders who take it as a problem then giving the driver a less rating at the end of the trip.

For this reason, to avoid unfair ratings for its drivers, some rideshare platforms such as Didi have improved its rating system so that drivers will no longer receive unfair ratings from riders for something out of their control.

If you are a Didi driver-partner, they will adjust your account rating when they detect you receive an unfair less than a 5-star rating from a passenger.

didi driver rating change

Didi Rating Adjustment Information

Drivers will receive an email with the following explanation, “we detected that you received a rating of less than five stars yesterday due to traffic or an app error. As this wasn’t your fault, the rating won’t count toward your average rating.”

This is an advantageous feature for drivers because they will no longer be blamed by riders (by giving them a low rating) for the misfortune that was not their mistakes.

Not only Didi, but this kind of feature must also be run by every rideshare platforms, especially Uber as the biggest rideshare platform in the world. So that it can create a fair assessment between drivers and riders and foster mutual respect between the two.

Last Updated on February 5, 2020
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Mark Sookee · December 21, 2020 at 8:59 pm

Didi always blames the driver. I can’t believe your anecdotal story about the DiDi . I my experience their support team has been evasive and incompetent. Read of my experience below.

DiDi said that they will try to reply within 3-5 days. They suspended me within an hour for no reason.

“Today I had my account suspended for alleged fraudulent and dishonest behaviour.

These are harsh and totally unwarranted words and I demand that you take immediate action to restore my standing in Didi Advance.

If you have not done this within 12 hours I will report your unfair treatment to the NSW PTP Commissioner and to the NSW Department of Fair Trading.

Here are the facts. Please read them carefully before attempting to reply:

1. Today 21/12/2020, I accepted a trip from Joynton Avenue, Zetland to the Fish Market, Pyrmont
2. Half way trough the trip the trip, at 12:28 PM the trip was closed by DiDi.
3. I received a system message stating the same.
4. As I still had the passenger in my car I decided to complete the journey and to rectify the situation with you at a later time.
5. I then received another trip request which I had to refuse because of #4 above.
6. I dropped the rider off at Fish Market, Pyrmont and continued.
7. I then received the suspension notice that contained very serious comments about my character. I am still fuming.

A couple of comments about #2 above:
I. I Iearned from my passenger that she had not booked the ride. The ride had been booked by a friend.
II. The same friend then attempted to book another ride while my passenger was still in transit. This resulted in #2,3 4,5 and 6.

You need to fix the problem in your app and your system.

I now await your considered reply.

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