Didi rolled out in Australia at the end of 2018, only a few months after Ola officially introduced, but at that time there was already an Uber that has been operating for more than 4 years in this country. Despite coming late to the party, Didi got enough attention from rideshare drivers across the country because it came with something different.

Didi knows that drivers are very important in this business because to be able to compete and boost the market share, they must have enough drivers on the road to meet ride demand and cut down on customer waiting times. In order to attract drivers to sign up, they come with a 5% commission fee, even though the offer has changed recently.

For your information, other rideshare apps like Ola and Uber in Australia and NZ used a default commission fee of 18% – 25%. Didi’s low commission offer turned out to be a strong magnet so that a lot of drivers finally joined their platform.

In addition to luring new drivers to work on their platforms with lower commission fees, Didi also strives to improve driver retention by strengthening relationships with them and also by providing several rewards and financial bonuses that could increase their income.

You will get notifications via email and in the app driver when you are chosen to get one or all of the rewards that we point out here.

Here are some driver rewards and promotions that you might get when driving with Didi in Australia. However, the promotion may vary for each driver, depending on several factors such as where you are actively driving and also your performance while driving with Didi.

Didi Advanced

Starting in October 2019 Didi introduced and applied the company’s new reward model for its driver in Australia, starting in Victoria. With the validity of this program, the most loved 5% commission structure will end gradually in every city where their rideshare service operates.

didi advanced

Didi Advanced Australia

The company said that this program will reward the most committed drivers on the platform with lower commission fees, additional app features and additional perks. Driver commitment is scored according to a number of factors, which includes a weekly total trip number, Completion Rate (CR) and Acceptance Rate (AR).

The program level separated into four: Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Each level has its own advantages including 0% commission fee for the highest level (Diamond) and 19% commission for the lowest level (Silver). Find out more about Didi Advance, rewards program that changing the way driver earn.

Guaranteed Earnings Reward

When you’re eligible for these rewards, you need to go online during the mentioned time period and complete the required number of trips, Didi will top up your earnings to the guaranteed amount.

didi guaranteed earnings

Guaranteed Earnings Reward

For example, on Friday night your earnings will be guaranteed to $90 if you are online for 4 hours and successfully complete 4 trips between 5 PM – 11 PM. If at that time you managed to get 4 trips and only get $60, then Didi will top up the rest ($30).

Trailblazer Reward

With this reward, you will get extra bonuses if you successfully complete a certain number of trips in a certain time period. This driver promotion is commonly offered on busy days like on weekends.

didi trailblazer rewards

Trailblazer Reward

For example, on Friday – Sunday in the Gold Coast area, when you successfully complete 30 trips then you will get $50 bonuses, or in case you had a good day and succeed in getting 50 trips then you will get $120.

But you need to remember that this type of rewards requires you to keep your average completeness rate (CR) for at least 60% or other predetermined percentages. Completion rate is the percentage of trips completed from all trips you have received.

Referral Reward

With this reward, you have the opportunity to get bonuses by helping Didi to get new riders. Each driver account comes with a rider referral code, you can give this code to others who have never used Didi rideshare service before or new riders.

didi referrals rewards

Rider Referral Reward

You will receive a certain amount of bonus for each new rider you refer to Didi. Not only that, under certain conditions they also provide additional tier bonuses when you refer multiple riders.

For example, in November 2019 when opening its service in Perth, Didi gave a $15 bonus for every rider that driver refer. And when you successfully refer 250 riders you will get $3,750 plus another $350, so every driver has an opportunity to get a total of $4,100 in rewards.

Last Updated on January 1, 2020
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Laurie Blandford · May 25, 2023 at 3:56 pm

How does the teir bonus work for Didi Drivers referring new riders to Didi?
How to know what level you are at?
E.g. after bonus of $75

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