As a Didi customer who often uses their Rideshare services in Australia, you may have faced a number of problems such as leaving your personal belongings in the vehicle, being charged for a ride that you didn’t take, cancellation fee or others.


In addition to passengers or riders, a driver-partners might also have problems with the Didi platform for example not being able to log in to the driver app, finding passenger stuff left in the vehicle, account deactivation or account activation for new drivers who have just registered for the service.

When you encounter these or other problems it is strongly recommended to get in touch with Didi Customer Support. The company provides several ways for its riders and drivers to access assistance. Starting from the assistance they can access themselves through the application to in-person support that can be found in the city where Didi operates.

The following are some ways to get support from Didi in Australia.

Didi Customer Service Phone Number Australia

Phone support is a good way to get help directly from Didi customer service by contacting the company’s phone number. The benefit of this method is that you can communicate your condition straight to the company and get an immediate response right then, this is suitable for those of you who are having a serious problem and wants to be quickly resolved.

But in some cases, sometimes the response given by customer service via phone is not a solution. This is understandable because there are a number of issues that require further investigation so that your problem cannot be resolved right away.

Didi differentiates phone numbers for their riders (passengers) and drivers so that each problem can be handled properly. However, as a driver, if you can’t reach the driver support phone number you can try to call the rider support phone number, once connected you can ask for help to redirect it to the driver support and vice versa.


The telephone numbers above are subject to change at any time without notice.

Customer Support Email Address

Despite the fact that contacting Didi phone number is the fastest way to get help, but not everyone wants to put it to use for several reasons, such as non-urgent problems or the riders/drivers realizing that the problem being faced requires further investigation that requires more time to complete.

For that, Didi also provides email address support for problems and types of customers like this. They also separate email addresses for drivers and riders (passengers) so the problems reach the right person.

Support via Social Media

In addition to introducing the company, Didi also uses their social media accounts to establish relationships and provide support to their users, both riders and drivers. Considering that these days almost everyone has a social media account, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or others.

At this time you can also contact Didi via their official social media accounts.


In-App Support

In addition to some of the media support above, Didi also has in-app support to report the problems. You can access help by selecting the Help menu in the app, then you will be able to choose a trip history where you have problems. If your problem is listed in the app, handling your problem can be faster. Otherwise, you can use other media to get help.

Didi Hub Office

Suitable for driver-partners who want to get in-person support, you can arrive at the Didi Hub in the city where you are registered as a driver. This is only recommended if you have contacted support through other media and your problem is still unresolved. Find out the Didi Hub Office address around Australia.

Last Updated on November 2, 2019
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Claudette Gourlay · March 27, 2020 at 10:07 am

Good Morning People,
Yesterday afternoon (Thursday 26ythMarch) I tried to get a DiDi ride, and was asked to ‘Verify my account’ ? You have never had any problems with this. I’d appreciate you clarifying this, asap please. Very disappointed!!!


(Mrs) Claudette Gourlay 27/3/2020 9.03 a.m.

BRAHM sharma · April 21, 2020 at 3:50 pm

My son ordered a ride and driver turned up but did not take my son and charged him for turning up. He had to order uber after he left. Im appalled with the service as i was referred to DIDi by someone.

Barry hone · October 2, 2020 at 4:45 pm

ordered didi today Belmont shopping centre, had him on the phone, said he couldn’t see me cancelled then charged me $5.00 fare,ordered another going to the same address then was charged $10.00

Robert · October 30, 2020 at 5:39 am

What a sc**bag rider lies they don’t get picked up when they then canc trip how pathetic I get suspended by Didi because of a sc**bag liar cheat of a rider not good buisiness why would anyone want to drive for Didi when they have a pathetic policy line this

Bruce · November 19, 2020 at 6:59 pm

Had a DIDI driver cross an unbroken white line at traffic lights to cut me off at 1624 today. He was driving a blue Mazda CX3 regn # 3****F on Logan Road near Garden City. He then took the M1 on ramp to freeway travelling south driving erratically and dangerously cutting off a car when merging onto the M1. He continued weaving in and out of traffic and tail gating. It’s time to get these dickhead drivers off the road

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