Currently, Doordash is on the rise, not only the number of its users is increasing but also the number of its delivery drivers who work for this platform. Nowadays consumers can get their orders faster because more drivers are ready to pick up and deliver their orders.

As a new on-demand delivery platform, Doordash has become a buzzword among gig delivery drivers in Australia, some of whom shared their good experiences working with this platform such as it has better pay compared to competitors and several other benefits. Thus making other existing drivers who have worked for other platforms finally join to become a Dasher.

With the increasing number of new delivery drivers registering at the same time, there may be delays in the activation process for the new Dasher. Not only Doordash will be busy but also the agency that will process the new driver’s background checks, which in this case the National Crime Check (NCC).

Under normal circumstances, the driver account can be activated within one to two weeks. But under ongoing situations activation can last more than one month. So what does this condition have to do with the error message that Dasher received when going to schedule a Dash? Here we will try to explain some of the problems that new drivers on the platform might often encounter.

What is the ‘Dasher must be active to schedule dashes’ message

To minimize confusion in understanding this issue, we divide it into two: newly registered Dashers and active Dashers (who have delivered with DoorDash before). Considering Dasher’s status is very important to resolve this problem.

1. New Dashers

This error message is most frequently asked by newly registered Doordash drivers or is often called Dasher. The delivery drivers who discover this error message are very excited about the platform and would like to get to work and earn money as soon as possible.

Because the message clearly states that a Dasher needs to be activated first to be able to grab a delivery schedule. So if the account has not been activated by Doordash then obviously they will not be able to start working.

You need to know, you can still get access to the Dasher app even though your account has not been fully activated. One of the most popular reasons is waiting for one of the most time-consuming procedures, namely background checks.

So when you have registered on the Doordash website by providing basic information such as your name, email address and mobile number, you can directly download the driver app and sign in to the app. Inside the app you can access several menus such as your profile, you can even update your account details or add a bank account for payments.

dasher must be active error

Dasher must be active to schedule dashes

However, some features such as the Schedule and Dash Now button cannot be used. You can indeed see the available schedule but when you want to tap the ‘Save Dash’ button, an error message will appear saying “Dasher must be active to schedule dashes”.

Apart from this error message, some new Dashers also get other error messages that say “Please have your red card setup”. This sometimes happens to new drivers who have not set up their red card, be it virtual or physical cards. Another most common error message is Weekly Deposit to Bank Blocked for the first payment.

2. Active Dashers

Apart from occurring to new delivery drivers, the ‘Dasher must be active’ issue also sometimes occurs to active drivers who have made deliveries with the platform. But the cases that afflict the active drivers are not as many as those experienced by the new drivers.

If a new Dasher is experiencing this problem it is most likely because their account is not yet fully active. But, when experienced by an active Dasher, there may be a problem with their DoorDash account. Sometimes the Dasher experiencing this issue also gets another error message like “Unable to load data” which prevents Dasher to start a Dash.

From some of the delivery drivers we met, their Dasher accounts may have been deactivated. However, we cannot confirm this reason because very few drivers have experienced it and we can ask for information.

How to Fix

Although it generally occurs with new DoorDash delivery drivers, this “Dasher must be active” issue is also sometimes experienced by existing drivers. So, the possible fix to this problem is different for both types of drivers, the reason behind it is because the cause of the problem is also different. Here is a solution that might help you.

1. For newly registered Dasher

This is not an error that can be fixed from the driver’s side. Because this problem is most likely caused by delayed background checks. Once your police checks result from NCC (AU) or Checkr (US/CA) have been published and the results have also been given to Doordash so that they can activate your driver account, then this problem will disappear by itself.

However, you can still get in touch with NCC/Checkr as the agency that processes your police checks. You can ask why the check results haven’t come out yet, what’s the reason and what you should do to make the process faster. If the check results are out, you can ask Doordash for confirmation to immediately activate your Dasher account.

Based on the information we got, criminal background checks are usually done automatically by comparing any criminal record with the information you have provided. However, some checks can get very complicated to deal with, making it difficult for the computer system to provide a conclusive result.

When it happens to your application, the system will suggest a manual review which of course takes extra time. This condition requires personnel in the authorities/Police to manually check your application. There is nothing anyone can do to speed up the background check results.

2. For Existing (Active) Dasher

The most suggested first step is to sign in then sign out of the Dasher app, also try to uninstall and then reinstall the app. This is to ensure that the issue is not from the app or your device. In addition, if you wish, you can also stop Dashing for a day or two to check if there is a glitch in the DoorDash system.

If nothing changes and you can’t wait to start a Dash again, then the most recommended way of course is to contact support via live chat or email and report your specific problem to them.

While waiting for a response from them, in case you skip it, you can also check your email for notifications from DoorDash about your account, such as reports from consumers, deactivation notices or other things.

As we know Doordash is an on-demand food delivery service that allows customers to order meals and groceries for delivery from participating restaurants and stores in their area. The company has an ambitious growth plan for Australia, they want to have a presence in every city and region across the country and it seems they have managed to achieve it now.

Doordash had some issues when it first launched in Australia including a longer delivery time. But the company has made strides to improve these aspects, which has led to more consumers using the service. One of their efforts is to recruit more drivers who are actively working for them, so that consumer orders can be served immediately, especially during busy times.

Delivery drivers work with the company as independent contractors. This means that they can work as long as they want and take as many shifts as they want. They will be paid through a percentage-based system that is based on the hours worked and the distance driven by the driver.

Some drivers say that Doordash pays better than its competitors. We think that might be true if the drivers work in a big capital city like Sydney, where many consumers already use this service. In a big city like Sydney, a driver earning $35 per hour is common. But in smaller cities or regions, drivers can expect $25 per hour or less. That’s why some Dashers are working concurrently with Uber Eats or other platforms.