Hi there. I am relatively new to Menulog and just had my first poor experience with them. One day I got an order from a fast food restaurant in Melbourne. Soon after getting the delivery request, I rushed to go to the restaurant because its position was not too far from my current location.

At first, I thought the process would be as fast as when I pick up from other restaurants, which on average take less than 10 minutes. After arriving and entering the restaurant I spoke to one of the employees there who were told me to wait without being informed how long I had to wait. After 15 minutes my order is not ready.

After that, I took the initiative to contact Menulog support and asked for a solution to this problem. I kept contacting Menulog support until 20 minutes passed then eventually asked them to remove me from that order and they said they’ll reimburse me.

Can I ask what Menulog reimbursement pay is like? As they are saying I will not see it until my weekly pay statement.

Cherene – Australia

Hi, most likely you will see the reimbursement in the near future because you have contacted the support team and have a strong reason to unassign the order. In this case, contacting the support team via live chat is the right step.

Just remember to properly update your status at the restaurant upon arrival and collection. The Menulog system will track your wait time and calculate reimbursement for the delay accordingly. But don’t forget to contact them back after you collect food so they can calculate the waiting time.

How much I will be reimbursed for waiting time?
We haven’t found any official information from the company about the waiting time reimbursement rate for delivery drivers. However, based on the information we got from the several drivers who experienced this issue. The driver will be reimbursed about $0.25 per minute once passes the average hold time.

Recently, the maximum restaurant delay reimbursement that Menulog Driver received was $5, which equates to 20 minutes of waiting time. But what if the driver waits more than 20 minutes? Unfortunately, most likely the driver will only get that maximum compensation value.

Some drivers suggest not to wait more than 20 minutes for an order and ask support to have it reassigned after 20 minutes. Even though when contacting support via live chat they said to wait patiently and they would be reimbursed for any wait time.

Reimbursement in Earnings Summary

The Menulog system will automatically monitor your wait time at the restaurant based on your status accuracy and compensate accordingly. The status is supposed to be updated to ‘Parked at Restaurant’ once you reached the restaurant and to ‘Collected’ as soon as the restaurant hands over the food.

Will I get compensation when asking to unassign the order?
Menulog will subsidize you for waiting time when you complete the order. But if you don’t wish to wait, you can ask the support team to unassign or get rid of the order from your account. Luckily, you will also receive compensation for your drive to the restaurant and the wait time there.

If you rarely receive orders that make you wait longer it’s probably worth just waiting. As time goes on you’ll learn which restaurants that always take longer and either not accept it since it could lower your account acceptance rate then ask to have it reassigned.

I didn’t get my waiting time reimbursement from Menulog?
If you are eligible for a waiting time compensation it will appear in your order’s earning summary. You can find it under the Restaurant Delay summary line. It will be calculated automatically and usually applied within 5 minutes of the order being delivered.

To guarantee you are always reimbursed for your wait time, make sure to properly update your status at the restaurant. But sometimes, there are some things that prevent the Menulog driver app from properly tracking your status, including your wait time. If this happens there is a possibility that the reimbursement will not appear automatically.

To avoid this from happening, Menulog advises their drivers to do things like turning off wi-fi, disable power saving or low battery mode, set GPS to Always and ‘High Accuracy’ (Android) or Precise Location (iOS), stay away from clearing active app (Android) and more.

What to do if the compensation is not applied automatically?
If you feel that you have waited long enough at the restaurant and it turns out that you did not get compensation from Menulog. Then all you have to do is contact the support team via email or chat once you notice there’s no reimbursement in the order summary.

Sometimes drivers need more than one attempt to talk with support because sometimes they need to be reminded of this problem. Usually, they will pay you directly when you complain, but it can also appear in your next weekly pay statement.

Last Updated on February 27, 2022
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