I have been a delivery driver for Uber Eats in Australia for the past year. Since it’s less busy these days, I have plans to sign up with other platforms like Menulog and DoorDash. With the hope of earning more when compared to just one app.

However, there is one problem, especially regarding the background check. Do I have to do a background check again when I sign up with Menulog and DoorDash? Do I also have to pay again to conduct police checks on each app?

Because to the best of my knowledge, all three platforms use the same agency, the National Crime Check or NCC to process driver’s national criminal history checks. We should not have to spend money and wait again for a long time just to get the same check results.

Mark – Australia

As we know, a background check is an important requirement. It must be carried out by every gig worker in Australia and New Zealand, including those who work as rideshare and delivery drivers. An up-to-date background check is now mandated by legislation across a wide range of industries and used regularly by employers as a requirement for employment.

To carry out this process, the employer usually cooperates with an agency that offers a national police checking service. One of the most well-known agencies among gig workers is the National Crime Check or commonly known as NCC. In Australia and NZ, the agency has partnered with Uber, Menulog and DoorDash.

Of the three platforms, there are platforms that require their drivers to pay their own background check fees. However, there are also platforms that are willing to pay for the police checks carried out by the driver. We will explain in more detail about this in the following section.

How much an Uber/DoorDash background check cost

A background check is a process to verify that an individual is who they claim to be. In addition, this process also checks a person’s criminal record, education, employment history, and other past activities. All of these processes are carried out by a third party, in this case, the National Crime Check (NCC), which of course will cost you money.

National police or background check by NCC will cost you about $35 for every individual check, this applies for new Uber driver registration as well as yearly police check renewal. Other platforms like Menulog charge a slightly higher fee, at around $40. If you are registering for the first time you may also be required to conduct a right to work check which will cost you about $2 for every check.

Uber & Menulog Police Check Cost

When you sign up to become an Uber Eats and Menulog delivery person then you have to pay all the costs out of your own pocket. Until now, only DoorDash has provided free background checks for every driver who will register on their platform.

Obtain a cheaper and faster background check

Spending $35 or more to conduct a background check to become a gig driver might not be a problem for some people. However, this fee can be burdensome when we have to pay the same amount of money again when applying as a driver on other platforms.

Fortunately, NCC as the preferred supplier for background checks in Australia and New Zealand makes it easy for drivers who want to work for Uber and DoorDash to exchange check results. In other words, NCC allows you to share your check results certificate between the two, as long as the results are issued within the last 3 months.

This of course will provide various benefits when you are going to register for more than one gig platform because, in addition to the background check results coming out faster, you will have the opportunity to pay cheaper as you’re only sharing the check result, and does not start the check from the beginning.

Using Uber’s background check for DoorDash

As an illustration, in April you have been activated as an Uber Eats delivery driver. Then, in May you try to sign up to become a DoorDash driver. Since you have already completed a background check by NCC with Uber, then you just need to tell NCC about this. Afterwards, NCC will forward it to DoorDash and notify them if your background check has been completed.

To use your NCC-issued police check results, email their support at support@nationalcrimecheck.com.au with the subject “Share My Certificates With DoorDash” and declare your 7 digit check ID number, full name, date of birth and mobile number. The date of issue of check result must be within 3 months and Issued with an existing “Ride Sharing” purpose/reason.

You might be wondering, why do I have to do this, doesn’t DoorDash charge its delivery drivers to obtain an NCC background check in Australia. Yes, maybe in this case you are not benefiting financially, but your DoorDash account will be activated faster so that you start delivering with the platform.

Using free DoorDash background check for Uber Eats and Menulog

Maybe you are also curious about whether you can use the free DoorDash background check issued by the NCC to be used as a requirement when registering as an Uber and Menulog driver. So, some of the delivery drivers we met said they had done this before and they managed to share their check results between DoorDash and Uber.

But unlike before, some drivers say they have to pay around $5 to share the check result to Uber, so you can save about $30. This fee may be used to adjust the DoorDash check certificate to match Uber’s requirements

If you want to try it, you can contact NCC via the email I mentioned above, but make sure to change the subject to “Share my Share My Certificates With Uber”, in the mail body you can include your ID number, full name and date of birth. Later you will get a reply from them about what next steps you should do.


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HArrY J · May 31, 2023 at 3:27 pm

Update as of May 2023
Thank you for your email.
NCC takes its compliance with the ACIC very seriously, and we have determined that we are no longer able to offer the result sharing service. Please contact your Rideshare provider to undertake a police check through their process.

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