Perth is the fourth largest city in Australia, home for more than 2 million Australians or 8% of the national population. In the city, Ola began to introduce its application to the Aussie before finally also being launched in several other major cities such as Sydney and Melbourne.

In Western Australia, Ola is a newcomer to ridesharing business. Because Uber has been around for a long time in this city, since 2014. But that did not dampen Ola’s intention to compete with the rideshare veterans and prove themselves capable. Ola only needs less than six months to prove it, the Indian rideshare has managed to provide 1.5 million rides on the Australian market.

One of Ola’s ways to be able to compete is by increasing its driver-partner, to make it easier to achieve the goal, Ola sets a 15% commission fee so that drivers can bring home 85% of their income. More drivers actively driving means reduced passenger waiting times, and that makes passengers happy.

Where is Ola Available in WA?

When it was first launched in Australia in 2014, Ola chose Perth as the first city where their rideshare services can be ordered in the country. Until now, there’s no new cities and regions served by Ola in Western Australia.

Ola perth requirements online

Ola Registration Website

Driver Documents

For those who are interested in driving with Ola in Perth, you must be at least 21 years old and have the following regulatory requirements.

  1. WA Driver Licence
    Before registering, make sure you have held a Full Western Australia Driver License. Not only that, the licence must be equipped with F or T extensions that permit you to drive a car with passengers for hire or rewards. Before applying for the extension, it is better if you prepare supporting requirements such as police check and medical check-up.
  2. Identity Proof
    Ola requires you to show your identity, it can be an Australian Passport, Birth or Citizenship Certificate. If you only have an international passport or the other, Ola might ask you to conduct a Visa Entitlement Verification Online check to find out your work rights in the country.

Vehicle Documents

If you have a four-door vehicle that can accommodate a minimum of 4 passengers, then you can use it in rideshare business as long as you complete the following regulatory requirements.

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  1. Vehicle Insurance Policy
    Your vehicle is required to be insured before being used on the Ola platform, Compulsory Third Party or CTP insurance (with your name registered in the insurance policy) commonly used for this purpose.
  2. 3F Motor Injury Insurance
    Your current Motor Injury Insurance (MII) covers the cost of injury that your vehicle may cause in a crash. To be used for rideshare, your MII needs to be upgraded to 3F class. You can upgrade the class during PTV Authorization application.
  3. Physical Inspection
    Vehicle inspection is done to check the feasibility of your vehicle when used on the road. Full vehicle inspection at an Authorized Inspection Station (AIS) is also required before you apply for PTV authorization.
  4. PTV Authorisation
    A Passenger Transport Vehicle (PTV) authorization with On-demand Charter (OD-C) will permit you to operate as a hire vehicle including Ola rideshare service in Western Australia. Before applying for the authorisation online, you need some requirements that we have mentioned previously, such as 3F MII and vehicle inspection. In addition to that, your vehicle also needs to be validly registered in the state.

Business Information

Unlike other rideshare companies that pay their driver-partners weekly, Ola does it every day. This means you can get your current earning in the next day. To receive your payment you should supply the following details.

  1. Bank Account
    You can use your current Australia Bank Account to receive an Ola direct deposit, be sure to find out your Bank State Branch (BSB) code and your bank account number.
  2. ABN
    Every rideshare driver in Australia is required to have an Australian Business Number (ABN) even though you are an independent contractor with Ola or other ride-hail companies.

Where to Register?

Whether you have all the required documents or not, you can still sign up now at the Ola official registration page. You can make new enrollments now even if your documents are incomplete. You can re-login and complete the remaining when the documents are in your hands.

Last Updated on January 4, 2020
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