Can you give me a solution to the problem I’m currently facing? The problem I’m having is related to the registration process to become a DoorDash delivery driver in Australia. I will try to explain it in as much detail as possible.

About a week ago I registered to become a Dasher through the company’s official website which I found through a Google search. After landing on the sign-up page, I started to enter my personal data such as email, phone number, zip code, full name, vehicle type, birth date and some other information which I forgot exactly what it was.

Everything went normally until I ended up on a page that listed several steps I had to take to start making money with them. But now I’m stuck at the initial step which requires me to complete a Background Check.

The page says if there’s a required action, “Your background check requires attention. An email from Checkr Background Check service has been sent to [my email address]“.

Unfortunately, I haven’t received a single email from Checkr, be it in the inbox and junk or spam folder of my personal email account. One week passed but I still haven’t received it.

Have you ever experienced a case like this or seen someone else experience it? Please give your advice on what should I do next.

Michelle – Australia

To become a DoorDash delivery driver also known as a Dasher, it is recommended that you sign up through their official website. And usually, this registration process can be done in a matter of minutes.

As we know, DoorDash has been operating in several countries. Apart from being in the United States where this company is founded, they also have been operated in Canada, Australia, Japan and Germany. Every country has its own requirements that govern this kind of job.

So when you sign up as Dasher on their website, their system will try to detect your country based on your IP address or some other approach. After that, you will be sent straight to your country-specific registration process.

Most of the time it works without any problems, but sometimes their system misdetects where you are coming from. And it seems, this is the problem you are facing. But don’t worry, there are a few Australian Dashers who have experienced it too, and it looks like they’ve managed to get over it.

Based on your explanation, which says that the registration process keeps stuck in the Complete Background Check section. It seems like the DoorDash system has detected your current country incorrectly when signing up. The reason is that they offer you to complete a background check via Checkr service, which actually only applies to Dasher from US and Canada.

Sign up page for U.S. Dasher

For your information, DoorDash drivers in Australia will be asked to conduct a police check via NCC or also known as National Crime Check, not Checkr. NCC is an Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) accredited agency that has also collaborated with other on-demand delivery companies in the country such as Uber Eats and Menulog.

So if you sign up and are redirected to complete a background check with a company other than NCC then, your registration process will never be processed, waiting for feedback from the agency will likely only waste your time.

The solution we recommend is that you proactively contact the support team (by phone or email) and explain to them if there is an error in the registration process. As a Dasher who will be working in Australia, you should be offered to conduct a background check via NCC, not Checkr.

There are two possible responses you will get. First, they will delete your current account so you can re-register later using the same profile details. Another option is that you can try to register for a second time, of course with different details (including email address and phone number).

To avoid this mistake from taking place again, here are some things you can try:

  1. Make sure your mobile phone or computer is directly connected to the Australian cellphone network provider or internet provider (when connected to Wi-Fi). Avoid using a VPN or other network tools that can change your IP Address.
  2. Google Chrome or Firefox browsers are recommended to complete the registration process. This applies to all devices, especially for Apple products users who use the Safari browser. In case you still want to make use of Safari, temporarily disable the Private Relay feature in iCloud settings.
  3. Try this link to sign up as Dasher in Australia.
  4. When completing your profile, make sure you select “+62 (AU)” as the phone number prefix. In addition, when filling out your zip or postal code, make sure the area is still within Australian territory.
    dasher initial sign up page
  5. Lastly, when completing your profile, make sure you find a column to fill an Australian Business Number (ABN). It’s usually located under the birth date column.
    dasher name vehicle abn

If you have done all the steps above, chances are you will not get lost again when signing up and will not be recognized by the DoorDash system as a US Dasher.

Last Updated on February 1, 2022
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