After six years of building a food delivery business in North America and becoming the largest market share then beat some of its rivals such as GrubHub and Uber Eats. DoorDash finally chose Australia for their first expansion outside its homeland in early September 2019.


In Australia, DoorDash picked Melbourne as the first city where Australians could try their on-demand food and groceries delivery service. There are several reasons why they selected this city, Melbourne is the most liveable city in the world, another reason is the city also named among the top foodie cities around the world.

In the on-demand food delivery industry, DoorDash is certainly not alone in this country, several companies are offering similar services, ranging from the Australian founded company Menulog, the UK based company Deliveroo and the current market rulers who are also their rivals in its homeland, Uber Eats.

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DoorDash Driver Requirements Australia

For those who are serious about becoming DoorDash Dasher in Australia, you must have several requirements, be it personal or vehicle docs.

Most of the requirements are similar to the other gig-economy delivery jobs, so for those who have already registered with other apps, you won’t have any difficulty to fulfil the following requirements.

Personal Requirements

This is a requirement relating to your personal information.

  1. You must be over 18 years old
  2. Have access to an iPhone or Android smartphone
  3. Pass an online background check against your provided personal information.

    To avoid pending account activation, before complete a background check make sure you have a valid personal identity.
    It can be an Australian Passport, Birth Certificate or Citizenship Certificate. If you do not have Australian citizenship then you must show a valid visa that provides your work rights in the country.

  4. Having an Australian Business Number (ABN). Every delivery driver in Australia are required to apply for an ABN.

Vehicle Requirements

Bicycles are the most efficient vehicles for delivering food orders, especially for delivering food in rush hour and in the city where four-wheeled vehicles find it difficult to park. Using a bicycle for delivery also waives the vehicle requirements.


Besides bicycles, you also have the option of delivery with a car or motorbike, each vehicle has its own advantages. With a scooter or motorcycle, you can reach restaurants and deliver your order faster with less effort and expenses. Delivery by car allows you to receive and deliver many food orders at one time.

If you are interested to drive using a motorbike or car with DoorDash. Then you need to look at some of the requirements below.

  1. A valid domestic driver’s license
  2. Auto insurance (CTP-insured)

Doordash for Driver Application Process

As a new player on the continent, DoorDash certainly needs a lot of delivery partners or also known as Dasher to meet the growing food delivery demand day after day. More drivers mean faster delivery time and higher customer satisfaction.

This is an opportunity for you to be a part of their efforts to become an on-demand food delivery market leader in Australia.

In case you are interested in how to become a DoorDash delivery driver or commonly referred to as Dasher, here we provide the delivery driver application procedures in Australia.

  1. Visit DoorDash Sign up page
    To start the registration process you are advised to visit the official registration page via a web browser such as Firefox or Chrome Browser using your smartphone or a personal computer. Clicking on the sign up button below will take you to DoorDash Australia Driver registration page.

    Sign Up

    doordash driver app logo

    Join now while registration is open!


    • DoorDash welcome any rideshare and delivery drivers
    • Easy requirements and use any vehicle to deliver
    • More restaurants listed
  2. Filling Profile Informations
    Once entering into the registration page, the initial step is to type in your valid email address and click Next. Ensure the email is active simply because all updates about driver registration status will be informed there.

    After that, you have to enter your Australia phone number and zip code where you want to deliver with the company. Make sure you select the Australia phone code “+61 (AU)” before entering your cellphone number.

    dasher initial sign up page

    Email Address, Phone Number and Zip Code

    The next step is to enter a few more details about you, including your Full Name, Vehicle Details (Bike, Scooter or Car), Birth Date, and your ABN (Australian Business Number). All information must be filled in accurately as it will affect the background check process.

    dasher name vehicle abn

    Driver Name, Birth Date, Vehicle and ABN

  3. Dasher Orientation
    Right after entering your personal details, you will be forwarded to the Schedule Orientation page. Here you can schedule an orientation to attend a session with the DoorDash team at the local office, they will assist you to perform a background check, give you a Red Card and activate it.


    Due to coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, all local DoorDash offices (where orientation is normally held) are closed temporarily, and we have not yet been informed when they will reopen. That’s why you don’t see available schedule on the page, it just says “More orientation will be available soon“.

    If you can’t schedule yourself for orientation, DoorDash gives you an option to skip the in-person orientation requirements and replace it with the following additional steps.

    • Order your Activation Kit
      Normally, an activation kit will be given to the driver when they attend an in-person orientation at local office. But as we know, DoorDash local office in Australia has not yet operated due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

      In order to obtain a DoorDash activation kit, you can order it from the local team and they will send it to your address, free of charge. All you need to do is fill out the form provided during the registration process. You must provide some details such as full name, street address, suburb, state, postcode, phone number and email address.

      order doordash activation kit

      Doordash Activation Kit Red Card Order

      Make sure the details you provide are the same as the information you entered during the registration process. The activation letter will arrive within 3-5 days, in the activation kit you will find a Dasher Red Card and a guide for activating it. Read more on our post about DoorDash Red Card and how to activate it

    • Lodge a self background check
      Dashers are eligible for activation if they pass the background check, in Australia DoorDash uses the services from the National Crime Check (NCC) to perform this task. You can begin background check by visiting the following page

      ncc background check

      DoorDash – NCC Background Check

      Your background checks should be verified and dispatched within 2-3 days. The results will be given to DoorDash, you will also receive the copy of your check reports in your email.

    • Note

      The total cost of the background check is about $38.50 GST Inc. However, if in the last 3 months you have done a police check with the NCC when signing up with other companies such as Uber Eats (including its rideshare service), Menulog and others.

      You can share your check reports and only have to pay $4.99, saving you over $30 and your report will come out faster when compared to doing a new check.

      Just email the NCC via with the subject “Share My Certificates with Doordash” and wait for their reply.

    • Submit payment details
      Submitting your personal bank account will ensure that DoorDash can process your weekly pay via direct deposit. To get this done, download the Dasher App, log in with your email and password. Now go to the Earnings menu and select the bank icon at the top of the screen and update your Payout Methods.

      If this is your first time submitting payment details, then you are required to verify your identity by uploading a photo ID. It can be your driver’s licence or other valid Government ID. Once done, you can continue by filling in the BSB code and bank account number.

      Dasher Payment details

      Submit Payment

  4. Account Activation
    Dasher are eligible for activation when they have filled in all the required personal details, pass the background check via NCC and activate a red card. When you have done all the requirements, the next step is to wait for them to activate your Dasher account.

    To check the status of your driver account activation, you can sign in to your Dasher Driver App and choose the Schedule menu. If you’re able to pick a date then your account is active. Otherwise, it will say “You do not have permission to perform this action“.

    pending account activation

    Pending Driver Account Activation

    If you have done a background check and linked a red card but your driver account is still not active, you should contact DoorDash support ASAP to find out what is holding you up from getting activated.

    Call them at 1800 958 316.

    If you are not connected or not satisfied with the answer via phone call you can also use other media to contact Dasher support.


    Pending background checks could also prevent your account to be active. If you have queries related to its status, please get in touch with the National Crime Check (NCC) via phone 1800 080 095 or email

  5. Start Delivering
    Once your account is activated, you officially become a Dasher in Australia and you are ready to Dash Now or schedule your first Dash.

Where is DoorDash Available in Australia?

Aside in the capital of Victoria and New South Wales, DoorDash also plans to expand its services to the suburbs of cities and then several regional cities around it. They also plan to spread its wings to other parts of Australia such as Brisbane and Adelaide in early 2020.

DoorDash Australia Cities
State City/Region
New South Wales Sydney
Victoria Melbourne, Geelong, Melton and Sunbury
Queensland Brisbane (planned to launch in early June 2020)

How does DoorDash Works

The way DoorDash works is similar to other services, right after your DoorDash account is fully activated you can start to schedule your first Dash. When there is a delivery request around you, you will receive a delivery opportunity notification on the DoorDash Driver app.

You can see where the location of the restaurant is, where the drop off location and what you will make from the job. You can accept, decline or pass-up the job.

doordash driver works australia

DoorDash Driver Screen and Delivery Opportunity

In brief, here is how DoorDash delivery drivers or commonly called as Dasher work when they receiving a delivery opportunity.

  1. Head over to the restaurant.
  2. Pick up the food. For orders from unaffiliated restaurants, you must manually order and pay for the food manually with the provided Red Card.
  3. Drive to the customer to drop off the meals.

Why You Should Deliver with DoorDash

In Australia, there are lots of food delivery services which you can be part of the service as a delivery driver or possibly you are currently registered as an independent contractor of some of these companies.

The following are the reasons why you should sign up as a DoorDash driver even though you have joined with other companies.

  1. Market Leader in the US Food Delivery (by Consumer Spend)
    DoorDash is not a new player in the business because the company has been launched in 2013 in the United States and operate in more than 4,000 cities globally including Sydney and Melbourne in Australia and will continue to expand.

    In its homeland, DoorDash leads the competition with 35% market share of consumer spends this year. Leaving a few other big rivals like Uber Eats which only get 25% market share. From this, we can see if more foodies in the country trust DoorDash to deliver their meals, this means more orders are delivered by their drivers.

    After successfully dominating the food delivery market in the US, they might also apply the same strategy to be able to compete with their competitors in Australia to win the competition.

  2. Easy Requirements
    You can use any vehicle to deliver with DoorDash, you can use any car or two-wheeler vehicles such as a motorcycle or bicycle. But for motorized vehicles, you must ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy and comply with local regulations, including auto insurance. This job is suitable for those who want to become a rideshare driver but constrained by requirements.
  3. Flexibility and Freedom
    As an independent contractor, you have the flexibility and freedom to determine for yourself when you start and end your work. You can make this a part-time or even once in a while job to support your personal finances.
  4. No Experience Needed
    It’s not necessary to have any prior work experience to start deliver with DoorDash. They welcome any rideshare driver and delivery partners across Australia to join their platform.

How much does Doordash pay?

As a ‘gig economy’ workers, of course, you already know that the income depends on you. As you decide for yourself when and where you should work.

As an example of how much does Dasher hourly income in Australia, you can see an earning history from early DoorDash drivers in Sydney which is shared in Facebook groups. He can make around $23 an hour with DoorDash or more than $68 from 6 deliveries for 3 hours. This is based on a Dasher Earning report screenshot via Dasher app.

There is even a driver who can get more than $200 in 3 hours, delivering 9 orders. He might get additional extra delivery pay which only applies on a special occasion like a new city launch.

doordash australia pay

Dasher Daily Delivery Jobs History

Delivery payout day-to-day may vary depending on when and where you stand. For example, deliveries during peak lunch hours in CBD likely will make you earn more than other areas and hours.

DoorDash Pay Model
The company is trying to create a pay model that is designed to make earnings fair and transparent.


DoorDash Total Earnings = Base pay (Time, Distance, Desirability) + Promotion (Peak Pay)

Base pay is determined by various factors including the driving distance, estimated activity time, traffic, parking, and wait time at the store. Deliveries that are expected to take additional time, and that are less favoured by Dashers might have a higher base pay.

Promotion is extra pay for orders that meet specific conditions. It’s offering Dashers a chance to earn even more per delivery with Peak Pay incentives. You can access the real-time information on which spots and times are eligible for peak pay bonuses directly on the Dasher app home screen heatmap.

When do drivers get paid?
DoorDash drivers will be paid on a weekly basis, the income you get on Sunday – Monday will be paid starting Monday next week through direct deposit. The payment process takes 2-3 days to reach your account or no later than Wednesday night.

But what if you’ve still not received payment? If your payment is missing please double check your bank account information including your BSB Code and Account Number. Make sure the bank account you are using is checking accounts since DoorDash is unable to deposit payments into a saving account.

Pros and Cons Driving for DoorDash

Besides the reasons why you should sign-up as a DoorDash driver, you also need to know about the benefits and drawbacks delivering with them in Australia.


  • You can be Dasher at 18 years old, so it is suitable for students who want to earn extra money.
  • Easy personal documents and vehicle requirements when compared to rideshare service.
  • More restaurants. When opening the DoorDash customer app, you’ll notice that there are more restaurants listed on the platform. You might even find restaurants that are not listed in other food delivery app. More restaurants and meals selections could mean more opportunities for delivery.
  • More Promotions. As a newly-launched food delivery service, DoorDash definitely wants to be known by foodies in Australia by doing various promotions like free delivery for first 30 days, $15 off discount and others that will attract people to try this service. More orders mean more delivery requests for drivers.


  • The delivery pay can be low if you work in an area that is not busy. However, the app has a heatmap feature so you can find out where the busy area is in your city, so you will have a bigger chance to get peak pay promotion.
  • In contrast to rideshare drivers, as delivery drivers you have to deal with common challenges such as parking at the restaurants, finding delivery locations in buildings, long waits at restaurants and waiting for food to be prepared.
Screenshot from DoorDash Driver Australia

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