Uber initially arrived in Australia as a rideshare company in 2014, two years later they made a decision to launched their own on-demand food delivery service Uber Eats in the country starting from Melbourne. When they first entered the capital city of Victoria, they only collaborated with 80 local restaurants and operating only from 11.00 am to 10.00 pm.

When Uber Eats was present in the country, there have been a couple of global and local companies that have operated like the UK-based company Deliveroo which has been serving since 2015 and then there are also several other companies such as Menulog, Eatnow, Foodora and others.

Even though coming late, Uber Eats has managed to dominate the food delivery markets in the country up to now. Thanks to massive promotions via their ridesharing app which has millions of users, as well as the huge number of delivery drivers available, scattered from city centres to suburbs, allow them to deliver food faster.

Uber Eats List of Cities

Uber Eats arrived in Australia through Melbourne, the ultimate foodie city in 2016. A year later they finally opened their services in neighbouring country New Zealand in 2017 thru Auckland. Starting from these two cities, this service has now developed in more than 25 major cities in the two countries.

And here is a list of cities where you can order their on-demand food delivery service.

Uber Eats Australia and NZ Cities
Country/State City
New South Wales Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong
Victoria Melbourne, Geelong, Bendigo, Ballarat
Queensland Brisbane, Cairns, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Townsville, Sunshine Coast
South Australia Adelaide
ACT Canberra
Western Australia Perth
Tasmania Hobart
New Zealand Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Hamilton, Dunedin, Tauranga

The list could raise at any time considering there are several cities or regions in Australia and NZ where Uber’s rideshare operates but not with their food delivery service.

Uber Eats Delivery Fee

To cover the delivery cost, Uber applies a delivery fee for each order. The fee is varies based on your location to the restaurant. So, the closer you’re to the restaurant, the lower the fee. Uber doesn’t reveal how far you are from the restaurants, but they show you the fee instead.

When we tried to order from Lygon St. Carlton Melbourne, we found the lowest delivery fee is A$2.99 while the highest fee is A$7.99. We have no idea about Uber Eats delivery rate per kilometre, but it’s likely that in addition to the distance they also calculate the time needed to deliver an order. You might also have to pay for surge pricing if it’s a busy time and the restaurant is located in the CBD area.

For restaurants in Spencer St. Melbourne CDB which is 2.7 km away from where I am, Uber Eats charges me A$ 5.99. Then to order to a restaurant located on Sydney Rd. Brunswick Melbourne which is 4.8 km away from me they charge me A$7.99.

The good thing is when the system is able to to find nearby order, you are likely to share delivery drivers with other users and you will pay no delivery fees. You can see a list of restaurants with nearby orders in the app. However, you should be able to decide on a restaurant and menu in less than 5 minutes.

uber eats free delivery

UberEats Free Delivery Options

Uber Eats Promo Code

As we described before, Uber Eats is not the first on-demand food delivery service in the country. It has to compete with other companies that do the same business such as Doordash which is a food delivery leader in the US, Deliveroo and Menulog.

To attract foodies from competitor apps to try their services, Uber Eats often provides promotions in the form of promo codes. When the promo code is redeemed successfully, users can get a discount from the total order.

How to Become Uber Eats Delivery Driver

One thing that is also very crucial in the food delivery business is someone who can deliver the meals quickly, sometimes they are referred to as a courier or delivery partners. Uber said they have collaborated with more than 16,000 restaurants around the country to meet the growth of users in every cities and region.

Sign Up

doordash driver app logo

Join now while registration is open!


  • Free! NCC Background Check (worth $40). Start to deliver at no cost.
  • Overseas licence holders and P platers are welcome.
  • Fast Pay – Daily Cash out your earnings in minutes

Become a Dasher

Those restaurants must be supported by an adequate number of delivery drivers which also distributed in numerous strategic locations. For that reason, Uber continues to open registration for being an Uber Eats delivery drivers.

In case you are one of those who are interested deliver with Uber Eats, you can begin with preparing your vehicle. You can use a car, motorbike and even a bicycle. In order to be approved as a partner with Uber Eats, it’s a good idea to know the Uber Eats requirements and how to sign up them, as the requirements vary for each vehicle you will use.

Last Updated on November 10, 2019
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