Gig-economy workers in Australia now have another option for earning extra dollars by delivering packages to customers location. This delivery job is backed by the world’s most valuable brand, Amazon. The Amazon Flex program is the company’s effort to provide faster shipping and delivery processes, especially to its Prime subscribers.


With the Flex program, Amazon desire to grow its own logistics network around Australia, hoping to reduce the company’s dependence on other courier services such as Star Track, AU Post, Fastway and Toll.

Amazon Flex allows you to work your own schedule every day, without driving around the city and waiting for pings from the app. You can only start working after you choose block delivery offers and have been confirmed to deliver on that day.

This gig job seems suitable for existing delivery drivers who drive for existing on-demand food delivery platforms such as Uber Eats, Menulog, DoorDash, Deliveroo or others. Each block has an estimated delivery completion of up to 4 hours. So you can use the leftover time on that day with other delivery platforms.

Where is Amazon Flex available in Australia?

Amazon officially announced the presence of its Flex program in Australia in January 2020. At that time they chose the two most populated cities in the country, Sydney and Melbourne. In both cities, they already have delivery station facilities in Moorebank and Dandenong.

However, it is also possible that Amazon Flex will also be available in several other big cities such as Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide. Considering that now they also focus on growing its own logistics network, and they just launched the newest fulfilment centre located in Western Australia to bring faster delivery to customers, especially in Perth as a capital of the state.

Amazon Flex Australia delivery driver requirements

Just like other gig-economy jobs, as an independent contractor, you must meet several requirements to be able to start delivering with the Flex program. If you have previously joined with a similar platform like Uber Eats, you will have no difficulty to complete the requirements.


Personal Requirements
Requirements relating to your personal information.

  • You must be over 20 years old
  • Full or unrestricted Australian driver licence
  • Having an ABN (Australian Business Number), if you don’t have one, you can apply it free of charge.
  • Passing background check, which will also check your work rights in the country.

Vehicle Requirements
Every car type and brand can be used to deliver with Amazon Flex, but you will have to make use of a 4-door passenger vehicle that is sufficient to safely carry the customer packages.

In addition, you also need valid automobile insurance, you can use Compulsory Third-Party Injury (CPT) insurance, and you need to maintain a liability policy for third-party property damage.

In addition to your own insurance policy, Amazon also provides its delivery drivers with insurance coverage at zero cost, which includes auto liability coverage, third party property damage and contingent comprehensive coverage. However, the policy only applies after you pick up the packages from the delivery station and begin the delivery with Amazon Flex or on the way to return the undelivered packages back to a chosen location.

How do I apply for Amazon Flex driver in Australia?

It’s easy to register as a Flex driver, it can be done online without needing to come to any office. There is a slight difference in this program, you can only register through the Amazon Flex app which can be downloaded directly from the official Flex website.


The following is an overview on how to join the Flex program in Australia

  1. Download the app from Apple App Store, for Android users you have to download the app installer since the app isn’t available in Google Play Store, read our post about how to download the Amazon Flex apk.
  2. Sign in with your existing account or create a new one.
  3. Once signed in you will be directed to the Getting Started page, there you have to answer a few questions to see if there are delivery opportunities for you.
    amazon flex driver app time selection

    Days and Times Option

    amazon flex driver app vehicle selection

    Working Hours and Vehicle Option

    The questions include how many houses per week do you want to deliver, size of the vehicle you will use and the best days and times you want to deliver. In the end, you are required to upload the required documents that we mentioned earlier.

  4. Once you complete every requirement you should wait for Amazon to review your documents and approve it.

How long does it take to get approved for Amazon Flex in Australia?
Normally, Amazon processes your registration within 2-5 business days. But it might take longer, considering that approval also depends on how long your background check results come out. If you have waited more than one week, then you should contact the Flex support.

How does Amazon Flex work?

Unlike the on-demand food delivery service that is already here. The Flex Program has a slightly different way of working. Before that, we need to explain some of the terms used in this program.

What is Amazon Flex delivery block?
It’s an estimate of hours of how long it takes to complete the deliveries, information about how much you can earn in that time frame and location information to pick up the package.

There is no information on how many packages you have to deliver in one delivery block. But it should be around 12 packages per hour or around 48 packages for a 4-hour block. The number of packages that must be delivered can be more or less, depending on the route and the amount of dollars offered for the block.

Here’s an overview on how Amazon Flex works once you approved to delivery with them:

  1. Login to the Flex app and navigate to the Upcoming Offers menu on the front page of the app to search for available delivery blocks in your area. When you have found offers that suit your needs, choose the blocks and accept it. The block offer will be shown to your Calendar menu on the app.
  2. At the day of your delivery, open your confirmed block, locate and go to the Amazon delivery station to pick up your packages.
  3. After receiving all the packages and arrange it in your vehicle, the next step is to deliver these packages. Use the in-app navigation to reach every destination.
  4. After all packages have been delivered to the recipient’s address, you will receive deposited earnings into your account. Amazon Australia sends payments every Wednesday thru direct deposit to your bank account.

Amazon Flex Australia Pay Rate

In the United States where the company was founded, they promised their drivers to earn up to $25 per hour for a maximum of 4 hours delivery job. The nominal is stated on the US Flex official website so that everyone can see it.

Unfortunately, we cannot find information about how much drivers can earn on the Amazon Flex Australia official website. But we can still find information about its pay rate by looking at the delivery block offers that we can see when we log in to the driver app.

At each delivery block offer, you will be able to find several details such as how much money you can get, where to collect the goods and the estimated delivery time.

From the information we get, most Amazon Flex delivery block offers in Australia are valued at around $108 for 4 hours or $27 per hour just by delivering packages around the city. That amount is greater than the national minimum wage which is currently $19.49 per hour (before tax) according to the Fair Work Ombudsman.

amazon flex au pay rate

Delivery Block Offers

Does Amazon pay for mileage, parking or tolls?
According to the official Flex website, the overall pay rates that you see on the block offer already include an amount for any mileage pay required by Australia law. Generally, as an independent contractor, drivers are responsible for their own expenses.

However, if during the time of delivery requires you to pass the toll, then you can submit for a toll reimbursement through the app for review. When drivers are eligible for reimbursement, they will get the additional payment within 72 hours.

What if I cannot complete delivery according to block’s time?
When the block time ends, you can either continue delivering the package anyway or return the rest of the packages to the delivery station where you pick up the stuff.

When you decide to complete the delivery, you can try to email them, explain your condition and ask for a reimbursement. There is no guarantee that you always get a response and compensated. But if they end up compensating for extra hours, it’s not recommended to do it repeatedly as you might get kicked out from the platform.

However, returning the rest of the packages to the fulfilment centre will negatively impact your overall rating. If you return lots of packages often, you will probably be deactivated.

Featured Image by Amazon, screenshot by Sophal