In New South Wales it’s necessary for workers to complete specified training and assessment before they can undertake certain work or roles. In the transport industry, there is a Bluecard document (a card) that demonstrates that you have obtained the required Work Health and Safety (WHS) training. Bluecard itself has aligned to the Transport Industry National Competency Standard, TLIF1001 – Follow occupational health and safety procedures.

Becoming a courier driver such as an Amazon Flex driver is among the most dangerous occupations in Australia. Working within the warehousing or logistics industry also requires knowledge and skills to achieve workplace health and safety standards.

Amazon wants its Flex delivery partners to have all the required skills and qualifications to perform their job. This means delivery partners should meet the standards in the region or state where they get the job done.

To carry out this training, Amazon is working together with Academy Green which offers both on-site classes and online training. Here are some things you need to know about Bluecard requirements.

How to enrol on the Bluecard Training Course?

For NSW based Flex delivery partners, after you register and complete all the required documents including completing the background check, the next process is to get the Bluecard document by undertaking training.

The following is the message in the Flex app when a partner is required to train:
“For NSW, we require Bluecard certification before progressing onto the next stage. Please check your emails for the next steps on how to move forward. For all other regions, there aren’t any delivery openings in your area at the moment. Please check back in the next few days to see if any openings become available”.

Delivery partners will receive an email about this training course from Amazon, in which there is a link that will forward the drivers to the Amazon training partner website.

What if I have done Bluecard training before?

If you have previously taken a training course to get a Blue Card, you can use your existing current card to work with Amazon Flex.

In this condition, they do not need to undertake the training again. But make sure Amazon is aware of this. So it is recommended for you to contact their support team via email at by including your existing card number and expiry date. This is done to confirm whether your current training is valid for the Flex program or not.

How much does Bluecard training cost?

The Bluecard training course in Academy Green costs $250 per person (Monday – Friday) and $300 (Saturday). The cost includes the issuance of the card. But you don’t need to worry, If you do not already have a Bluecard, Amazon will cover the cost of the training.

Not only that, but Amazon will also compensate you for the time you use to undertake this training. They will pay you for a 4-hour block or $108 upon training completion and after you have driven your first block with Flex.

To be eligible for this compensation and reimbursement you must enter this promo code “Flexbluecard202” and make sure you also use your Amazon Flex email address when registering for the training.

flex reimbursement email

Bluecard Completion Email

After completing the Bluecard, Academy Green will notify Amazon and after that, you will receive an email saying thanks to you for completing the training. They will reimburse into your account within 7-10 days, you will see an adjustment in the Earning section of the Flex driver app. In addition, you will also get a physical Bluecard from Academy Green which will arrive at your address within 3 weeks.

Last Updated on June 20, 2021
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