As an independent contractor, a Didi driver can decide for himself when and where they want to work every day. They are also allowed to decline ride request that doesn’t meet their criteria. For example, short trips, low fare trips in busy hours or bad road conditions due to traffic or weather.

It’s not a big problem when a driver declines ride requests, as the rejected request will be sent to the other closest driver. But this is a problem when you are the only Didi driver around the rider location.

When you decline the ride request, the system will look for other drivers, who might be several kilometres away from your location. This will make the passenger’s waiting time longer than the estimated pick up time shown in the app.

If this happens frequently, it will give a bad impression to riders. The rider might think that Didi’s rideshare service isn’t reliable to be the best alternative for travelling from point A to B in the city. Another consequence that may occur is riders leaving Didi and preferring services from other companies with more responsive drivers and shorter waiting times.

To avoid this from happening to their services, the company began to introduce Didi Advance, a rewards program for its driver-partners that rewards the most committed drivers on the platform with lower commission fees. The rewards program includes an acceptance rate and cancellation rate to determine the driver level.

didi banned driver

Temporary Suspension

In addition, Didi also did several other ways to warn drivers who often declined ride requests by temporarily suspend their driver accounts. When a driver is suspended, they will not be able to receive new orders during a specific time.

Drivers will get a notification from the app when they reject too many trips and when the banned takes place, the following are examples of the messages:

Because of declined multiple trip requests, your account has been banned by system. Banned until 2020-02-01 10:15 GMT+10:00. You will not be able to receive new orders during this time.

In the worst case, Didi might permanently suspend a driver when their weekly Acceptance Rate (AR) becomes too low. The driver will get an email informing about the suspension and they will lose access from the driver app immediately.

didi permanent suspension

Account Permanently Suspended

Account permanently suspended due to low CR

Dear DiDi Driver-partner,
Your Completion Rate last week was 56%, which is below the Regional Minimum of 70%. Because your Completion Rate did not meet the Minimum 4 weeks in a row, you have been permanently suspended.
Learn more at: Account > AR and CR > CR

To avoid this from happening again, it’s better to turn off the driver app when you are not ready to work or when on-trip with passengers from another rideshare platform. Not only with Didi but on every on-demand ride-booking services out there, because this policy exists in every on-demand service where you drive.

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Last Updated on July 2, 2021
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