Doordash has grown rapidly in Australia since the company has aggressively expanded into every major city around the country. At least now Doordash food delivery service has reached 6 states and 2 territories. In addition, they have also expanded their services to grocery delivery by collaborating with big supermarket chains such as Coles, Woolworths and IGA.

Following the company’s growth and the increasing demand for delivery services, Doordash certainly needs more delivery drivers who are actively working on their platform. Although currently, the number of drivers is still below Uber Eats which is the market leader in the country, Doordash continues to increase the number of their drivers consistently to every corner of the city.

The gig delivery drivers community in the country welcomes Doordash’s efforts to enliven the food delivery market in the country. This can be seen from the increasing number of on the street drivers even though most of them use their platform together with competitors such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo or Menulog.

Currently, Doordash offers their new delivery drivers several benefits, one of which is the opportunity to be a Top Dasher for a limited time. In the following, we will explain in more detail about Top Dasher in Australia, what are the benefits, how to get it and a lot more.

What is Top Dasher?

Top Dasher is a program from Doordash for rewarding the Dasher with a good overall performance. This is also a way for companies to recognize their best delivery drivers (also known as Dasher). Becoming a Top Dasher certainly has various advantages that will not be obtained by a regular Dasher.

The majority of the highest-earning drivers we met in the country were Top Dashers. Because indeed this kind of driver reward has various privileges that make the delivery driver have a greater opportunity to get a higher amount of earning every single day.

Sydney Dasher Weekly Earning

Top Dasher Benefits

This rewards program is offered with various benefits that enable delivery drivers to get the most out of the Doordash platform and higher opportunity to earn more when compared to regular drivers. This rewards program may be suitable for those of you who only deliver with Doordash or prioritize it over the other app.

The following are some of the advantages given to Top Dasher:

  1. Dash Now Anytime
    As we know, drivers can observe the heatmap on the home screen of the Dasher app. There, drivers can see which areas are very busy, busy, normal and not busy. A regular Doordash driver can only start working when they are in busy and normal zones. But when you are in the not busy zone, the regular driver will need to schedule a time slot.

    Dash Now Anytime

    This limitation does not apply to Top Dashers, they can still ‘Dash Now’ even though they are in not busy zones. The not busy zone does not mean that there is no order at all, you may still be able to get a couple of orders from this area. This is quite useful if the ‘not busy’ area is the location where you live. This means that you can still earn without having to go to busy zones in the city centre.

  2. More Delivery Opportunity
    Regular Dasher and Top Dasher can indeed ‘Dash Now’ in busy zones, but when things become slower, a top dasher will be prioritized for new orders. As an illustration, there is a delivery request from a restaurant in which there are already two nearby drivers, the first is a regular Dasher and the other is a top dasher. Then the system will give the order first to the top one.

    This is the main reason for a Doordash driver to continue to maintain their status, to be prioritized. Most drivers with thousands of dollars a week are top Dashers. Since they can still get orders and earn a lot of money when other regular drivers are just waiting for a ping from the platform.

  3. Prioritized for high-value order
    It can be said that a Top Dasher is a delivery driver who has demonstrated its reliability, especially to the Doordash delivery platform. That is the reason why the company decided to introduce additional perks by giving them access to high-value orders. All orders worth US$30 (or approximately A$40) are classified as high-value orders by the company.

    But what are the advantages of delivering high-value orders for Dasher? This kind of order is most likely to be offered at a good pay rate as drivers must complete larger and more complex deliveries. Additionally, this kind of order sometimes also comes with bigger tips from consumers for your willingness to deliver their big orders.

    Unfortunately, this kind of perk is only available in most US cities at the moment, we are unable to confirm if it has been implemented in Australia or not. However, Doordash expects it to be a permanent feature of the Top Dasher program in the future which will be an addition to existing features.

Top Dasher Criteria in Australia

To become a Top Dasher in the country, a Doordash delivery driver must meet the specified criteria that have been previously determined by the company. Here are some of the criteria:

  • Acceptance rate of at least 70%
  • Completion rate of at least 95%
  • Customer rating of at least 4.7
  • No less than 100 completed deliveries during the last month and at least 200-lifetime delivery completed

Top Dasher Criteria

In our opinion, the specified criteria are not too difficult to be carried out. We are sure that most delivery drivers in busy areas will be able to accomplish it easily. Especially for those who only deliver with Doordash, or at least the drivers prioritize this platform over others when multi-apping.

95% acceptance rate is a fairly high number, it seems that the criteria are quite difficult to achieve if the driver is working with another platform or delivering with multiple apps at the same time.

Newly registered Doordash delivery drivers in select markets including Australia will be added to the program automatically, this applies in their first two weeks of delivering with the company. This is done for lured new gig drivers as well as those currently driving with other platforms. It also helps new drivers to become top dashers in the following month.

How long is Top Dasher valid for?

When your account is qualified, this rewards program will be valid for one full month in the next month. If you want to maintain the rewards program you are required to meet the eligibility criteria on the last day of each month. For example, to qualify for Top Dasher during September, drivers need to meet the criteria as of 11.59 pm on the 31st of August.

Actually to re-qualify for this reward program is an easy thing. Because as long as drivers are Top Dasher, they will easily get delivery requests because they can work anytime and prioritized to get the order. It’s different with regular Dasher, which has to be scheduled to be able to work.

Last Updated on September 9, 2021
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