Apart from pick-up meals from the restaurants, another main job of a Doordash driver in Australia is to deliver food to the customer’s location. When customer placing an order with the app, they can choose between two drop-off options: hand it to the customer or leave it at the door, besides that they can also give an order note such as ring the bell, place it on the porch table, etc. A driver is also expected to follow the order instructions.

However, it does not always run smoothly because there are several obstacles like not being able to find the destination address, the customer is unavailable when the driver arrives, the phone number cannot be reached. In addition, there are also serious problems such as the loss of food orders after the driver leaves it at a specific drop-off location or even the driver hand the food to the wrong person, etc.

As a professional delivery driver who strives to complete the job according to company procedures, you may not expect problems when delivering orders, nor do customers expect. However, there is still a possibility that you will meet fraudulent customers who are trying to get the advantages of the online delivery systems, but you don’t need to be afraid since Doordash has a specialized team that works to identify reports from this kind of customers.

Why driver get the order never arrived violation?

This issue usually occurs on “hand it to me” orders and after the driver marks the order as delivered. In most cases when you get this kind of order instruction and the customer is unavailable, Doordash provides three appropriate steps before the driver complete the delivery, which can lead to a never arrived order report if you don’t follow it.

The first one makes an attempt to call and text the customer at least twice via the Dasher app. The second tap “Customer Unavailable” when there’s no response then wait for the specified time period (about 5 minutes). The last one is to leave the order at the safe drop-off location and submit a photo and description clearly showing its location.

If you don’t undertake the three in-app instruction above at the time you can’t find the customer, then you’ll most likely get this report. Because there is a possibility that the order you dropped off has been lost, taken by someone else and the driver has no evidence to refute it.

What happens when drivers got this violation

When drivers set a delivery as completed in the Doordash driver app, customers will automatically get the same notification about this through their app. However, if the customer believes that they have not received their food, they can report the order right from their app.

Never Arrived Order Violation

When the report has been received, Doordash will immediately notify the drivers about this. Drivers will receive this notification via in-app notification as well as via email. There they can see additional information about the order which include restaurant name and drop-off times.

Order never arrived report will increase the count of driver’s contract violations, you can see it in the Rating menu. Doordash takes this kind of issue seriously, if drivers get reports like this quite often, then their accounts will be reviewed. There’s no information on how many violations could get you in trouble, but a couple of “order never arrived” reports could lead to driver account deactivation.

How to appeal the order never arrived violation

If you as a driver believe that the report is a false accusation, you can appeal the report by providing Doordash with more information on what really happened during the delivery process. You can start the appeal process by visiting the Rating tab in the driver app, selecting which report you believe is a false report and providing additional details about the real situation in the provided appeal form.

If you believe this report is not true and you already have strong evidence Doordash might grant your appeal. When that happens, the order never arrived report will be removed from your contract violation report. In addition, if you are deactivated due to this kind of report, your driver account will be reactivated in the next 24 hours after your appeal is received.

Tips to avoid these reports in the future

These reports rarely happen, but it never hurts to take precautions to protect drivers from false accusations and Doordash account deactivation. The following are some ideas shared by delivery drivers out there that you can try to avoid orders never arrived report in the future.

  • Contact your customer upon arrival at the delivery location, if they are not available then follow the in-app instructions to mark them as unavailable and wait for the timer. You can also use the in-app assistance from the in-app chat support to help you contact the customer.
  • Always use the Timestamp camera app when you need to take a photo, it can help you show additional information right in the picture. The app is available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store for free. By default, the app will display the exact time when the image was taken as well as the street address by utilizing the phone’s GPS feature. You can also set it to display additional information such as a small map image next to it.
  • Take a screenshot on the Doordash driver app showing your location right next to the house pin.

Doordash has instructed their driver to take photos only in certain situations such as when the driver cannot find the customer. However, according to some drivers, the customer can also make this report when you already hand it to them. So some drivers take the initiative to take photos every time they are handling the food to their customers. It can be used as strong evidence if one day they get a never arrived order report.

However, we are not sure about the law of taking other people’s photos in Australia. It’s always better to know more about the law for this action that applies in the city where you work to avoid troubles in the future.

Last Updated on June 20, 2021
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