When Uber launched its food delivery service in Australia there were several companies that had run this business such as Deliveroo and Menulog.

Both well-established companies had been operating for more than two years and it was widely used by foodies around the country. In addition to these two companies, Uber also needs to be prepared to compete with other global companies that are starting to open their divisions in the country such as DoorDash.

In such fierce competition in the food delivery field, it’s no surprise that Uber has to do various ways to promote its services. One method used is offering promo codes. This marketing strategy has been used by various businesses, which include Uber itself into their rideshare services and has proven successful in growing their rideshare user base significantly.

By using promo codes, Uber Eats users will be able to enjoy discounts in line with the value linked inside the code. Voucher or promo codes are usually provided to attract new Eats users who have never used their food delivery service before. In addition, they sometimes also give promo codes to existing users who often use their services. The goal is to keep its users into their platform.

Is Uber Eats available in my area?

There are several things that make Uber Eats the leader in the Australia and New Zealand food delivery market. One of them is the number of restaurants that work with their platforms as well as their delivery partners who are always available to deliver customer order.

In Australia Uber has collaborated with more than 16,000 restaurant partners and hundreds of delivery drivers which are available by car, motorbike or bicycle. They are ready to deliver dishes right at your doorstep or meet you at work.

Uber Eats in Australia has been around in 19 cities or regions while in New Zealand it can be accessed in 6 cities. For more details, you can view the table below:

Uber Eats List of Cities
Country/State City
New South Wales Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong
Victoria Melbourne, Geelong, Bendigo, Ballarat
Queensland Brisbane, Cairns, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Townsville, Sunshine Coast
South Australia Adelaide
ACT Canberra
Western Australia Perth
Tasmania Hobart
New Zealand Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Hamilton, Dunedin, Tauranga

New User Promo Code

This promo code is designed for anyone who has never used Uber Eats services before, including those who have registered as Uber rideshare users but have never ordered foods from their platform. You have to keep in mind, you only have one opportunity to use one of the promo codes below, simply because after using the code and order a meal you are no longer classified as a new user.

Uber Eats New Users Promo Code
Code Details
OZBGEQ220 $10 off for your first Uber Eats order, including pickup and essentials orders. Valid thru 31.03.2021
PMAUN $20 off for your first Uber Eats order, new users only. Valid thru 15.03.2021
EATSNZ2102 Enjoy NZ$30 off your first Uber eats order in New Zealand, low minimum spend ($1). Valid thru 19.03.2021
FHQ220, 66EATS $15 off first order for new users in Australia.
MACCASFAN Free Delivery for order from Maccas around the country only for order over $25.
1420EATS Free delivery for 14 days for new users only.

Existing User Promo Code

Existing users are those who have used the Uber Eats delivery service. However, most existing user promo codes are targeted, which means it’s tailored for picked Uber Eats users. If you are chosen, you will get information about the promo code in the inbox of a registered email or via app notification.

We don’t know how Uber chose these lucky users, but it is likely that it depends on the country and city where you are registered and how often you use their food delivery service.

Uber Eats Existing Users Promo Code
Code Details
EATS7940 Get your first 100 orders without delivery fee with A$10 minimum purchase. Most likely targeted. Valid thru 20.03.2021
EATS8112 No Delivery Fee (NZ$10 minimal order) for up to 10 deliveries in NZ. Most likely targeted. Valid thru 24.03.2021
EATLOCALAUS 15% off Next 4 Pickup Orders

How to Use the Promo Code?

For those who regularly use Uber services, using promo code is not really a problem. However, for some people who are not familiar with the Uber Eats app interface, you can see how to use it below.

  1. Open the app
  2. On the main screen, look for profile icon in the bottom.
  3. Tap “Promotions” menu.
  4. Tap the “Add promo”.
  5. Enter the provided promo code and hit the Add promo button on the bottom.
Last Updated on March 13, 2021
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