The Amazon Flex program is the latest gig-economy job from the largest internet company in the world, which was introduced in Australia starting in early 2020. Aussie can get additional income as a delivery partner for this company by delivering the company’s packages to the customers in the city.

At the moment, the Flex program is only available in two cities in Australia, Sydney and Melbourne, considering that in both cities Amazon has its own fulfilment centres or also called as delivery stations. In Perth – Western Australia, Amazon might also open a similar program because there the company also has a fulfilment centre there.

Amazon Flex delivery driver registration procedure is slightly different from other companies, you can not register via a web browser either on a smartphone or desktop computer. All registration processes can only be done through the Amazon Mobile Delivery app which had to be installed on your mobile phone.


iOS users can choose to download the app via the Australia Flex website or the Apple App Store. While Android users can only download it from the official website since the Amazon Flex app isn’t listed in the Google Play Store.

To be able to download the Flex app via the official website you must use a mobile phone browser, not a computer since the app download isn’t supported on desktop.

Here we summarize how to download the Amazon Flex app for Android devices:

  1. Head to Official Amazon Flex app download page
  2. The download will take place automatically, once the download message pop up accepts it to download the app. The filename is roughly like this: “AmazonFlex-x.xx.xx.x-xxxxxxxxxx-Standalone-DefaultPerm-Prod-release-signed.apk”.
  3. After the download is complete you can now install it.
  4. If you cannot install the file, make sure that your device allows the installation of apps from unknown sources. Depending on your device’s Android version and manufacturer, these options are placed in different locations.

If you cannot download the Amazon Flex apk even though you have visited the official download page, you can try downloading our backup file below.

Amazon Flex APK Download
Version MD5 c041714b7473d49441bf40d1cc81efbf
Featured image by Amazon