Hi, I’m an Uber Eats driver with more than two years of working with this platform. I haven’t had any problems until a few days ago when I received a message from Uber about my driver’s licence which will expire in the next few days.

Indeed, my driver’s licence is due for renewal next week and I did the renewal process not long ago. However, RMS only gives me a receipt and tells me that my new license will be posted. I am worried that my licence will take a long time to arrive because from what I know I will receive the physical license within approximately 10 working days.

Does Uber accept this licence renewal receipt or slip as proof that my new licence is en route in the mail? Do I need to contact support or just upload the docs to the Driver requirements page in the driver app?

Peter – Australia

Hi there, as we know, a valid open driver’s licence is required in order to continue working with the Uber rideshare and delivery platform when you use a car, scooter, or motorcycle. When your license approaches its due date, you will receive a message via email or in-app message informing you of this condition.

When your driver’s licence is expired then you will not be able to Go online with Uber. You’ll also see a warning message saying your account needs attention, and the driver app telling you to update your expired document right away.

uber licence expired

Document Expiration Notification

Regarding your question about whether Uber accepts the renewal receipt that you got while waiting for the physical driver’s license mailed. Based on the experience of several drivers, Uber provides leeway by still accepting renewal receipts or slips from your local authority.

Some drivers say that Uber still allows documents in the form of PDFs, images, or screenshots that you usually get when you renew your Australian licence online via the official website or app.

Also, if you’re wondering what to upload when your doc doesn’t have a back side like the actual driver’s licence card which is required. In this case, you just need to upload the same doc for both requirements (front and back side of the licence).

When your licence is getting close to its due date and you only have a renewal receipt/slip, there is no need to contact support. You can immediately update it via the Driver requirements page on your Uber driver app and then wait for approval from them.

However, once the renewal receipt is approved, they may send you another notice after a while. Because as we know, a receipt or slip is a temporary document and has a very short validity period. To fix this, needless to say, you have to upload the actual driver’s licence card.

So it is highly recommended for delivery drivers out there to always pay attention to their document’s expiration date and renew it as soon as possible. In most Australian states you will receive a licence renewal notice via mail before it’s due to expire.

For example, in Victoria when you receive a notice you can directly apply for a renewal licence online via Vicroads. Once you have paid to renew your driver’s licence online or over the phone, they will give you a receipt number and you should write it on your renewal notice.

You are allowed to use the receipt number (which is written on the renewal notice) as your temporary licence until the physical card arrives. The card will arrive in approximately 10 days, so ensure that you carry this with you whenever you drive.

You may also be able to use the notice letter with the receipt number with Uber to replace your expired docs since the letter also works as a legal temporary license in Victoria.

Last Updated on April 7, 2022
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