After successfully gaining control of the ridesharing market in Australia and New Zealand, Uber is also becoming a mainstay in the food delivery service in these two countries. Starting with the opening of Uber Eats service in Melbourne in early 2016 and in Auckland a year after.

At that time Uber was not the first company that runs food delivery services in these countries. Previously in Australia and NZ, there were companies offering the same services such as Menulog and Deliveroo.

However, by utilizing millions of its ridesharing users, Uber has successfully introduced food delivery services to its loyal customers.

Why I Should Deliver with Uber Eats

This is the most frequently asked question for those who are still hesitant to deliver with Uber Eats. If you are still in doubt, here are some reasons why you should deliver meals with them.

  • High Demands
    Nowadays, people prefer to order food rather than having to go to a restaurant, especially if you have limited time.

    The number of Uber Eats users is expected to continue to grow considering Uber always promotes their food delivery service inside their main Uber ride-hail app which has been downloaded more than 500 million times on the Android platform only.

    According to Roy Morgan research, over 4.4 million Aussies using Uber ridesharing app in an average three months, it’s 21.5% of the population.

  • Delivery Vehicle Options
    No need to worry if you don’t have a car that matches the Uber specified criteria. You can still choose to deliver with a motorbike, scooter or even a bicycle.
  • Get Hired Fast
    You do not need to have any special ability to be able to join as a delivery person. Unlike ridesharing drivers who have many requirements. You only need to fulfil a number of requirements that are easy to obtain, especially if you deliver by bicycle.
  • Flexible Schedule
    You are not required to go online 24 hours with Uber Eats. You can specify when you are ready to deliver meals, or you can go online only when most delivery requests happen during lunch (11 am – 2 pm) and dinner (5 pm – 9 pm).

Step by Step Registration (AU)

This tutorial applies generally to several cities in Australia including Sydney (NSW), Melbourne (VIC), Brisbane (QLD), Adelaide (SA), Hobart (TAS), Perth (WA) and several other cities where Uber Eats is available.

  1. Head to Uber Eats Sign up page
    Just like signing up for the Uber ridesharing platform, to become an Uber Eats Delivery Person you don’t need to go anywhere. You can register only by using a smartphone or a personal computer at home.

    Sign Up

    become uber eats driver

    Join now while registration is open!


    • Limited Time! $500 Sign Up Bonus*
    • Overseas/International Licences are accepted
    • Daily Instant Cash Out – Earnings transferred in minutes

    Become a Driver

    * For new Uber Eats delivery drivers in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth) who sign up after 25 April 2022 and complete 30 deliveries before 30 June 2022. Learn more.

  2. Fill the initial registration form
    The following are some of the initial information needed to start the registration process.

    • Email: An active email account, ensure you can access it.
    • Name: Your first name and last name.
    • Phone number: Your current phone number including country code, (+61) for Australia and (+64) for New Zealand.
    • Password: Write down your chosen password, pick a strong yet memorable word.
    • City: Type the name of the city where you will be actively delivering.
    • Invite code: Leave it blank since it optional.
  3. initial ubereats delivery

    Initial Registration Form

  4. Choose your vehicle
    After successfully typing all the information on the initial registration page, then you can choose how you deliver food with Uber.

    You can choose to deliver by bicycle, car, motorbike or scooter. Each choice has different requirements. So make sure to choose the right type of vehicle, because changing it in the middle of the registration process will only make things take longer.

    choose ubereats vehicle

    Choose Your Vehicle

  5. Legal Agreement – Terms and Conditions

    In the next step, you need to review and agree to each of the Legal Consent shown on the page. After that, you will also need to review and agree to Uber’s Terms and Conditions.

    consent tnc

    Legal Agreement – Terms and Conditions

  6. Required steps
    After agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, you will be given the option to proceed to the next step to take a photo of your National Identity Card or go to the Required steps page where you can see what you need to do to set up your account.

    required step au

    Bike (Left) vs Car/Motorbike (Right)

    The screenshot above is the Uber Eats Required Steps page showing a list of requirements that you must go through. The list of requirements on this page has been adjusted to the vehicle you have previously chosen.

    Sign Up

    become uber eats driver

    Join now while registration is open!


    • Limited Time! $500 Sign Up Bonus*
    • Overseas/International Licences are accepted
    • Daily Instant Cash Out – Earnings transferred in minutes

    Become a Driver

    * For new Uber Eats delivery drivers in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth) who sign up after 25 April 2022 and complete 30 deliveries before 30 June 2022. Learn more.

  7. Driver’s Licence or Driving Permit
    This requirement will be asked when you select a car, motorbike or scooter for delivery. You must take a photo of your front and rear of Driver’s License, this also applies if you use an Overseas License or International Driving Permit.

    To help speed up the verification process, make sure all the details in the photo can be read easily. In addition, also make sure that the photo clearly shows the license’s expiry date, your personal details (name, date of birth and address) and also all four corners of the card must be visible.

    If your license has expired and is still in the process of being renewed, please upload a photo of renewal receipts along with your old license card, since Uber does not accept temporary or renewal receipts only.

    If you signup in ACT, NSW, QLD, VIC, WA, and SA and upload an overseas driver’s licence that is not in English, you’re required to provide a NAATI translation doc along with their driver’s licence when they upload the photo. EU licences are exempt from this.

    driver licence

    Front and Rear Driver’s Licence

  8. Vehicle Registration (Rego)
    This document is required for those who choose a motorized vehicle for delivery, so it’s not required if you choose a bicycle. When taking photos, make sure the document’s expiry date, vehicle plate number, VIN, vehicle make, model and year can be read easily.

    Alternatively, you are also allowed to take a screenshot of your “Registration Check” result from the Service NSW, VicRoads, Transport QLD and similar services according to where you live in Australia.

    rego ubereats

    Rego Check

  9. Background Check and Right to Work Check
    In this step, you will be asked to apply for a background check. Uber needs to confirm you have citizenship, residency or visa status that allows you to work in Australia or also known as VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online check).

    This is the part that takes the longest to complete and it can take up to 14 business days to process. The process involves an external agency, in this case, the National Crime Check (NCC). Please note that a fee will apply for your background check and VEVO check.

    Already have a Background Check result from NCC when signing up with another delivery platform in the last 3 months? You might be able to use it, just chat, call or email Uber support to ask how to share the result. If successful, this process will be completed a lot quicker and you don’t have to pay again. Read more about the Background Check process on our other post.

    background check ubereats

    Background Check and VEVO Check

  10. Australian Business Number (ABN)
    As an independent contractor that runs your own business as a service provider, you are required to apply for an ABN. To comply with this regulation, Uber also requires an ABN for those who want to sign up as a delivery person.

    If you already have it, all you have to do is submit it in this step. If you don’t have one, it’s free to get one and you can apply it yourself online via the Australian Business Register (ABR) official website. Find out more about how to apply for an ABN on our other post.

    abn ubereats driver aus

    Submit ABN

  11. Bicycle Safety Test and Safe Delivering Education
    One of Uber’s priorities is the safety of its delivery person. For this reason, the company introduced new safety initiatives at helping delivery persons stay safe on the roads, including modules that have been built specifically for the Australian market.

    Currently, they require its delivery person to undergo additional Bicycle Safety Test for bikers and Safe Delivering Education for those who deliver with a motorized vehicle.

    As a delivery person, you have a responsibility to ride your bike safely and make sure it’s in good working condition. This Bicycle Safety Test will give help you keep yourself and others around you safe when you ride. It can also help you understand some local laws that apply when riding a bike.

    The Safety Delivering Education ensure you have a safe experience delivering. In this step, you will learn several lessons such as how to prepare your motorized vehicle (car, motorbike or scooter), safe riding practices, protective equipment, specific law for your vehicle, checking if you’re fit to deliver and so on.

    driver safety edu

    Safety Education and Online Quiz

  12. Account Activation
    After you have passed all the required steps you may need to wait some time for all the requirements to be Approved. This usually applies to the Background Check process and some required documents that require verification first.

    Additionally, there is one final step for you to read and agree with the company bag recommendations. You will receive an email regarding this after signing up and will be required to click “I understand” at the bottom of the email.

    If every required step has met the company requirements, you should get feedback including account activation in a matter of days via email. You can also take another look at the registration page to see the latest status of your registration, in case there is anything that needs to be fixed there.

Step by Step Registration (NZ)

The registration process for those who want to become an Uber Delivery Person in New Zealand is not much different from those living in Australia. So I don’t think it’s necessary to rewrite the guidelines on how to complete the registration process.

Indeed, there are several different required steps, such as the absence of ABN requirements and additional requirements for uploading vehicle insurance for cars, motorbikes and scooters.

The rest is the same, such as the need for a profile photo, proof of identity (bicycle only), driver’s license, vehicle registration, background check by NCC, and delivery safety test.

Sign Up

become uber eats driver

Join now while registration is open!


  • Limited Time! $500 Sign Up Bonus*
  • Overseas/International Licences are accepted
  • Daily Instant Cash Out – Earnings transferred in minutes

Become a Driver

* For new Uber Eats delivery drivers in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth) who sign up after 25 April 2022 and complete 30 deliveries before 30 June 2022. Learn more.

For more details, you can see in the screen capture below to understand what are the required steps that you have to go through to be able to activate as an Uber delivery person in NZ.

required steps ubereats nz

Bike (Left) Car/Scooter (Right)

Uber Eats Driver Requirements AU NZ

Just like their ride-hailing services, Uber also needs some of your document and vehicle requirements. However, the requirements are not as much as needed when you want to register as a rideshare driver.

Requirements for Australia

The following is a list of requirements to become an Uber Delivery Person in every State and Territories around Australia.

Delivery by Bicycle
The requirements for delivery by bicycle is very easy since a bike does not require a driver’s licence.

  • You’re at least 18 years old and able to ride a bicycle.
  • Proof of Identification. Choose between passport or birth certificate, make sure your legal names, surname, birth country, birth state, birth city, gender and date of birth are visible in the photo.
  • Pass a background check and have the right to work in Australia (VEVO check).
  • Pass Bicycle Safety Test
  • Submit your ABN (Australian Business Number)

Delivery by Car and Motorbike/Scooter
You are required to upload several requirements relating to your personal information and the vehicle that will be used for delivery.

  • You’re 18+ years old.
  • The car, motorbike and scooter must be a 1990 model or newer. Two and four doors are acceptable for delivering with the car.
  • Proof of ID. Photo of your Passport or Birth Certificate (Australian only). The photo should clearly show your legal name, surname, birth country, birth state, birth city, gender and date of birth.
  • Driver’s Licence. You need to have a full Australian Licence (delivery by car) and a full/probationary Australian Motorbike Licence (delivery by motorbike and scooter). They also accept overseas driver’s licence in ACT, NSW, QLD, VIC, WA, and SA. NAATI translation is needed if the licence is not in English.
    The front licence photo must clearly show your photo, name and address. Then the back licence photo should show your licence issue date, expiry date and date of birth.
  • Vehicle Registration document. Photo of the document must clearly show the vehicle plate number, VIN, vehicle model/year and the document expiration date.
  • Pass a background check via NCC and have the right to work in Australia (VEVO check).
  • Current and active Australia Business Number (ABN)
  • Pass the Safe Delivering Education

Requirements for New Zealand

The following is a list of requirements to become an Uber Delivery Person in every city around NZ.

Delivery by Bicycle

  • You’re 18+ years old and able to ride a bicycle
  • Proof of Identity (ID) ie. Passport or Driver’s Licence
  • Pass the Bicycle Safety Test
  • Pass Background Check and Right to Work Check

Delivery by Car, Motorbike/Scooter

  • You’re at least 18 years old
  • Full NZ Driver’s Licence, for motorcycle or scooter class 6 licence is required
  • The car (two or four doors), motorbike and scooter isn’t older than 1990.
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Pass Background Check and Right to Work Check
  • Pass the Safe Delivering Education that has been tailored to the type of vehicle you choose.

Registration Status and Support

Sometimes you don’t have all the complete requirements when you want to register, but still want to register. Don’t get worried, It’s not necessary to have all the documents in hand right away.

Because Uber knows, some requirements require time before they can be used, such as background checks that require up to 14 days.

You can start by uploading the documents that you have in hand first. If later on, you want to add another requirement document, you can simply visit the same registration page and log in using the email and password that you specified earlier.

ubereats help

Driver Registration Help

Need help with your latest registration status or wondering why your account isn’t active yet? Just tap the Help menu at the top right. There are options to contact support via Chat or Call. Uber support representatives in Australia and NZ are usually available from 10 am to 7 pm AEDT to guide you through the signup process.

Last Updated on April 16, 2022
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BEN LEWIS · October 29, 2019 at 12:44 am

Interesting, I am very curious about becoming an uber eats driver. I am lucky to have met all the standards all I need is my car insurance which I can get easily. This will be an intriguing turn on my job history.

Jerin Thomas · November 7, 2019 at 4:36 am

Do I need to take ABN for UberEats bicycle after signing up?

    Adam · November 7, 2019 at 5:31 am

    Hi Jerin, I’ve heard that some delivery drivers are able to register and be activated without an ABN. But at some point, Uber might ask you to submit your ABN since it’s government regulation.

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