Menulog is an Australian online food ordering company based in Sydney New South Wales, was founded in 2006. Initially, the company only facilitated its users to order food from listed restaurants but did not provide delivery services.

So the customers at that time had to take their own food after the food was ready to collect or could be delivered when the restaurant had their own couriers. These days, they also provide food delivery services for a fee at most of their restaurant partners, especially those in the city centre.

Menulog has its own benefits as it is a pioneering company in Australian online food ordering service. After more than 10 years of operation, as you can imagine, many foodies are familiar with their platform.

Menulog List of Cities

As we mentioned before, Menulog is one of the pioneers of online food ordering services in the country since it has been operating since 2006 or more than 10 years ago. This also affects the number of restaurants that work together with them.

Based on the list of cities on the Menulog website, they claimed to have been available in hundreds of cities and regions across Australia, although most of them can only take away or delivered by restaurant owned courier which means no live tracking application for your current food delivery.

As for New Zealand, they are only found in four main cities where most Kiwis stay. The four cities are Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.

Menulog Delivery Fee

Distinct from other on-demand food delivery services, in addition to having an independent contractor as their delivery driver, Menulog also allows restaurants to use their own couriers. To be able to see whether your order will be sent by the Menulog driver or the restaurant courier, you can look at the restaurant list on the main page.

When we tried using this app to order a meal, the delivery fee showed a number that varied from A$4.99 for restaurants less than 5km away and A$9.90 for restaurants within 9.90 km from me. So we can conclude that Menulog also charges delivery fees based on distance.

Menulog Promo Code

As a company that has been operating for quite a long time in Australia, even before the existence of food delivery services just like today, many food lovers are already familiar with the Menulog. But with the arrival of global players from abroad, the company have to work harder to compete with Uber Eats, DoorDash and Deliveroo.

The most common way to promote on-demand food ordering and delivery service is with a promo code. A piece of text that customers can use to get discounts, the code can be entered at the checkout page on Menulog’s app or website.

Up to now, we have not seen any valid working Menulog promo code that can be used both for new users and existing users. However, as a new user, you can still get a 10% – 15% off your first order in selected restaurants.

How to Become Menulog Delivery Driver

Menulog has to fine-tune their services in accordance with the market demand and so that they can compete with overseas global companies that are starting to dominate the market share like Uber Eats and Deliveroo.

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Become a Dasher

In the past, Menulog only facilitated food ordering, but now they also recruit delivery drivers so customers could get their meals faster and trackable.

In case you have an interest in becoming one of the Menulog delivery drivers, you must know the requirements you must prepare. Moreover, you have to know in which cities the Menulog is opening these types of job vacancies because the Menulog needs independent contractors only in several cities and regions across Australia.

Last Updated on November 9, 2019
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