To ensure the safety of the drivers and riders, Ola starts launching a new security feature on their Partner App called Selfie Authorization. This feature will be launched in mid-January 2020 in Australia and New Zealand.

This is an Ola’ effort to assure the safety of its users while en route with their rideshare platform. The feature ensures that every driver who drives for Ola are verified, already passed the screening process and also have all the requirements to drive with a ride-booking service legally.

Apart from being helpful for riders, it turns out that this feature is also ideal for protecting the driver-partner account. So, when your partner account has been taken by an unauthorized person, they won’t have the ability to make use of optimally as they have to go through the selfie verification procedure.

The feature will come into play at various times when you’re online and driving on the Ola Partner app, asking you to take a selfie photo to verify if you are the person who is authorized to use the app.

Ola Selfie Verification

Selfie Verification Feature

When a selfie authorization pop up shows up, please complete the verification as soon as possible. When this appears while you’re driving, safely pull over and park safely before taking a photo.

The requested selfie photo must be a photo of you and must match with the photo you gave to Ola. The selfie photo will be processed thru facial recognition software for verification.

If the photo is matched, then you can continue to drive and earn with Ola. However, If the system detects you are giving an unmatched photo, then you cannot continue driving and must take another selfie. But be careful, multiple failed selfie attempts could make your driver account suspended or it could be deactivated permanently.

For your information, Uber also has a similar feature called Real-Time ID Check that rolled out a couple of years ago. But recently more and more drivers have received verification pop-ups since they lost their licenses in London due to rider safety accusation, unauthorized usage of driver accounts is the reason.

*Screenshot from Ly Victor, Sophal‎
Last Updated on January 17, 2020
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