Ahead of the official launch of its rideshare service in Sydney, Didi seems more aggressive in promoting its services in the largest ride-hail market in Australia. Besides lured new driver-partners with an initial 5% service fee for drivers approved prior to Didi launch day in the city, it turns out they also give another reward to its partners.

They also offer an opportunity for its drivers to get referral rewards worth up to $5,100. Only by referring new passengers in Sydney to their rideshare platform. Didi did the same thing when they launched in other cities in Australia, such as Brisbane and Perth.

Once your documents are verified and your Didi driver account is approved, a unique referral code will be assigned to your account. Use that unique code and start referring your friends, colleagues, family members and even your rideshare passengers to download the Didi customer app and make sure they use your code when registering with the service.

To ensure potential users are interested in using your referral code, Didi also gives discounts when they use the code. Once a new rider downloads the app then signs up with the driver’s referral code, they will get 50% off the ride vouchers for their first and second ride (2 x 50% discount). The maximum discount provided is $10 for each ride and only valid for 14 days from sign up date.

didi driver referral rewards sydney

Didi Referral Rewards Sydney

The driver will be rewarded with $10 after referred rider takes their first trip with Didi. As the discount is only valid for 14 days after it is used, the first trip must occur in the same time frame. For this reason, besides providing the code, you must also ensure that they immediately take a ride with the platform.

The maximum rewards you can get is $5,100 (incl. bonuses) during this program or after you have successfully referenced 300 new riders in Sydney. Your successful rewards will be paid together with your weekly earnings.

To help drivers to get a good conversion, some of them even received promotional cards from Didi. Driver-partners can use the card as promotional material. They can add their unique referral code into the card and then share it with others.

Image by Didi Driver Partners page, M. Gates
Last Updated on February 6, 2020
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