The arrival of the Indian ridesharing giant Ola in Australia and New Zealand was welcomed by ridesharing customer in these countries. Considering that now they had an alternative choice travelling from point A to B. Formerly, they only knew Uber as the largest ride-hail provider for more than four years.

Ola’s arrival is also became good news for rideshare driver-partners around the countries. Now they have an opportunity to earn more by becoming partners in more than one company.

To lure existing rideshare drivers to sign up as drivers on their platforms, Ola offers several incentives and rewards. When they first arrived in Australia and NZ, they charged a 9% or even 0% introductory commission fee which was valid for several weeks, before finally the fee went back to the 18% as a default percentage of commission fee.

This commission fee implemented by Ola right here is certainly less than the fee imposed by Uber, which is 25%. But Ola is not the company that provides the lowest commission fee, as there is Didi who offers up to 0% fee for the most committed drivers on the platform through Didi Advance.

In addition to lower commission fees, Ola also provides several rewards and financial bonuses that can maximize drivers’ income on their platforms. The following are some of them:

Ola Rewards

The Rewards menu is very easy to find in the Ola driver app, drivers can find it at the bottom of the app with a coin stack icon. When you are eligible, in the rewards menu you will find a list of promotional offers or rewards that you can get. In the rewards menu section you can also see information about reward details including scheme validity (date) as well as terms and conditions.

ola driver rewards

Ola Rewards Scheme

For example, on Wednesday (12 Dec) to Thu (13 Dec), between 6 AM to 9 AM and 4 PM to 8 PM. You will get rewards of $8 after you successfully get 2 bookings (trips). But if you manage to get 4 bookings then you will get an additional top up of $20.

Ola Power Zones

When you are eligible to get this promotion, you will see something different in the maps on the Ola Partners app. Some areas in the city are marked with a block with multiplier or percentage information inside it.

ola power zones map

Ola Power Zone inside app

Multiplier in each block varies, which range from 1.2x to 1.3x or even more. Sometimes the multiplier is replaced by a percentage, ranging from 10% to 20% or something more.

Ola power zones area shows where the location with higher fare, you have the opportunity to earn more when you travel starting from the marked area.

Ola Customer and Driver Referral

Ola also provides an opportunity for you to earn money even without driving or picking up passengers. You can earn more by referring new customers to take a ride, you can also refer a new driver-partner to drive with their rideshare platform.

ola customer referral

Ola Refer and Earn

The procedure is very easy, you only need to share your unique (partner and customer) referral code that available in the partner app to others. After the person uses your code, you will get a commission in a specific amount.

For now, when you successfully refer a new Ola customer, you will get $20 while the customer will also get a $10 ride credit. Refering new drivers will also give you $100 for every driver who is approved and takes 20 trips in the first month of driving with Ola.

However, the value of the promotion can change at any time and Ola is also entitled to stop this referral reward.

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