The advantages of an online food delivery Job are you can use any vehicle you have, including a bike that you certainly don’t need a license to drive. If you intend to use a motorized vehicle there is one additional requirement to be accepted as a driver in the delivery platform (such as Uber Eats, Menulog, Doordash, Deliveroo) is a driver licence.

As we know, it is unlawful for Australians to drive a motor vehicle on a road across the country without holding a driver’s licence. Each state in the country has its own graduated licensing scheme generally consists of Learner License (L), Provisional P1 License (commonly known as Reds), Provisional P2 License (often called Greens).

An overseas licence can also be used by a temporary visa holder including an international student to legally drive around the country. However, under state regulation, visitors who come to Victoria are required to convert their overseas licenses one year after their arrival.

Can I Sign up as a Delivery Driver Using Learner, P1 or P2 Licence?

Many delivery drivers are curious whether Learner, Provisional or also called a Probationary (P1 and P2) are accepted by Uber, DoorDash and Menulog. The answer can be different because each food delivery company has their own policy about driver licence requirements.

Uber Eats clearly stated on their official website that any provisional driver licenses including the learner are not accepted when used to register. According to our findings, Uber is the most stringent company when it comes to this requirement compared to competitors. This may be related to the number of delivery partners and the high interest of new drivers who prefer to join their platform.

Menulog has a similar policy with Uber, on their official website they state that Learners and P1 (reds) licenses are not accepted to drive with them. However, they did not mention whether P2 license (greens) holders also did not meet the requirements. However we’ve found the answer to this in the online driver forums, some drivers stated that they had no problem registering with greens (P2) licenses.

For DoorDash, they didn’t mention detailed driver license requirements on their website. After browsing around the driver forums I found some interesting things from some of the drivers there. They stated that they had no problems when signing up using provisional licenses, both P1 or P2. There is even one of them who stated that they are now delivering using learner licence. It seems that DoorDash is not very strict when determining driver license requirements.

Unlike other platforms, Deliveroo gives leeway to its delivery drivers. When delivering with a scooter or motorcycle driver will need to have a minimum of a learner’s permit or provisional licence. When drivers choose to use their car, they will need to have at least a provisional licence.

Provisional Licence and Learner’s Permit Limitation

At this point, you might more confident to sign up as a delivery driver after knowing that some companies allow the use of a provisional licence or learner’s permit. But first, you need to know in advance about the restrictions imposed on this stage of licence which is set by your local government.

Maybe you already know that every state across Australia has enacted regulations governing the use of mobile phones while driving or commonly known as Mobile Phone Road Rules. Using a smartphone while driving or riding can be distracting, increasing the driver chance of being involved in a crash.

Working as a food delivery driver undoubtedly requires you to take a look at your mobile phone more often. Whether it’s to accept delivery requests when it appears on the screen or to help you find restaurant and customer address by using online maps apps like Waze or Google Maps.

In some states, such as Victoria and New South Wales, restricted licenses holders including learners, P1 and P2 drivers are not permitted to use their phone at all while driving or riding including while stationary. Drivers can only use it when they’re properly parked.

We recommend that you learn more about the law that applies in your state to avoid heavy penalties including demerit points and fines.

Overseas or Provisional Licence?

In most states in Australia, a temporary visa holder or international student is not required to have an Australian licence to hit the road. They can use their current licence to legally drive across the country. In addition, they can also use it as one of the requirements to work with Uber Eats or other similar companies.

If you have both types of licenses, some drivers suggest you to choosing an overseas license instead of the provisional or learner’s permit when applying, because it has a high probability of getting approved by the company.

However, the conditions are different for drivers who work in Victoria, because temporary visa holders are required to convert their license to a Victorian licence. This applies to those who have lived or will be living in Victoria for 6 months or more.

Online food ordering and delivery service are booming lately, starting with the arrival of Uber Eats. This kind of service becomes necessary during the 2020 pandemic, where some people can’t go out of their house to get their favourite meals. At that time this service has become one of the essential services in the country along with cafes and restaurants that are allowed to sell takeaway food and beverage.

Since the demand for meal delivery service is rising, food delivery service providers such as Uber continue to open up opportunities for those who want to earn income by becoming gig delivery driver.

Many people want to be a part of this gig economy as they are attracted by a simple job with competitive pay rates. In addition, to be able to join a driver, drivers only need to upload several documents that most people already have, such as proof of ID and driver licence, especially for delivery partners who are delivering using motorized vehicles.