As in our previous post, in order to work as a driver or delivery courier, we must have an Australian Business Number or abbreviated as ABN. A registration number that helps the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) recognize you as a business.

Actually, to be able to work as an employee at a company in Australia, you only need a TFN or Tax File Number. However, when you work as a driver or courier in on-demand transportation and food delivery company, you will be categorized as an independent contractor that runs your own business as a service provider. Therefore you are required to apply for an ABN.

Applying for an ABN should be done before you sign up to become Uber Eats or DoorDash delivery driver. Because this is one of the important requirements for you to be accepted. This is done to anticipate delays in the issuance of your ABN cell.

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Step by step on how to apply ABN for Uber DoorDash Menulog

It’s free to get one and you can apply it yourself online via the Australian Business Register (ABR) official website. Getting ABN is easy and straightforward when you are able to provide all the valid information needed.

Here we provide step by step how to register for ABN, especially for International students.

1. Go to ABR Website
Go to Australian Business Register (ABR) website here, look for the button or link to apply or reapply for an ABN.

2. Agreement
At the beginning of the application process, you will see an agreement page, tick an option to state that you agree to provide true and correct information, and once done click the next button.

3. ABN Entitlement
This section is intended to determine entitlement to an ABN

  • For taxation purposes which type of entity is the applicant? Individual (Sole trader)
  • Will your activities be carried out in Australia? Yes
  • Have you started or are you taking steps to start your activity? Yes
  • What is the nature of your activity? In the form of a business
  • Are you doing things that are consistent with running a business? Yes

ABN Entitlement

4. Application Detail
This section will ask for more detailed information about your ABN application.

  • For taxation purposes which type of entity is the applicant? Individual (Sole trader)
  • Does the applicant currently have an Australian Business Number (ABN) or previously had an ABN? No
  • Does the applicant wish to apply or reapply for an Australian Business Number (ABN)? Yes
  • Does the applicant have a Tax File Number? Yes
  • Does the applicant wish to apply for a Tax File Number? No

ABN Detail

5. Business Information
This section will dig more information about your business as well as the longest part of the entire ABN application process.

Taxation Information

  • Is the applicant an Australian resident for tax purposes? Yes
  • If the applicant uses, or intends to use the services of a tax agent, what is the tax agent’s registration number? Leave empty

Taxation Information

Applicant Information

  • Fill your first name, last name and date of birth
  • What is the Individual/Sole Trader’s Tax File Number? Leave empty

Applicant Information

Business Activity Details

  • From what date does the Individual/Sole Trader require its ABN? Provide the date when you require the ABN, no more than 6 months in the future.
  • If you intend for this business activity to be less than 3 months, on what date do you expect to cease business? Leave it as it is if you want to work for more than 3 months.
  • Describe the Individual/Sole Trader’s main business activity. Fill with FOOD DELIVERY SERVICE for on-demand food delivery service (like Uber Eats, Doordash, Menulog) or RIDE BOOKING SERVICE for on-demand transportation (Uber, Didi Ola).
  • Select the category which best matches the Individual/Sole Trader’s main business activity. Choose between “Food delivery service for restaurants” or “Taxi and Ride Sharing Services“.
  • Does the Individual/Sole Trader operate an agricultural property? No.

Business Activity Details

Business Address Details

  • On main business address, this can be your home address since you operate as individual contractors.
  • Is the Individual/Sole Trader’s postal address the same as the business address? Yes
  • What is the Individual/Sole Trader’s email address for service of notices and correspondence? Fill with your email address
  • Does the Individual/Sole Trader have more than one business location in Australia? No
  • What is the telephone number for this location? Choose Mobile then write down your mobile phone number
  • What is the email address for this location? Same as service of notice email

Business Address Details

Contact details
This is the authorised contact person for the Individual/Sole Trader. You should provide your contact details since they may contact you for further information.

  • Authorised Contact: write down your full name and choose the position held as Individual/Sole Trader.
  • Contact telephone numbers: put your mobile number and email address.

Contact Detail

5. Reason for Application
In this section you should be able to describe why you as a Sole Trader is applying for an ABN.

  • Why is the Individual/Sole Trader applying for an ABN? Contractor/Sub-contractor
  • Is this the Individual/Sole Trader’s first time self employed as a contractor/sub-contractor in Australia? Yes

Reason for Application

6. Declaration
This is the last part of the entire application process. Please read the declaration form and privacy statement carefully.

  • Name, write down your name
  • Position held: SOLE TRADER
  • Date of declaration: Choose a date when you apply for an ABN.
  • Once done press the Submit button


When all the information you provide can be identified by the system, your ABN will be issued immediately. However, sometimes the ABR takes time to validate and process your application, and ABR may also get in touch with you for further details.

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Source: Overseas Students Australia on Youtube


Last Updated on May 18, 2022
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Thank you for the detailed post.

I have a question. I already have an ABN for Uber Eats (freelancing) and wanted to add another freelancing business for Graphic Design.

Do I need to create a new ABN for that, or can I use the same ABN?


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