Uber finally decided to make changes to the upfront information that can be seen by its Uber Eats delivery drivers right before accepting a trip. With these changes, drivers will get additional information about estimated total earnings, total estimated time and distance from accepting the trip to a drop-off location, on top of that drivers can also see customer drop-off location.

This change is a realization of the feedback received by the company from its delivery drivers across Australia and New Zealand and will be effective from 29 June 2020. These changes are expected to provide delivery partners with more consistent earnings experience across the platform.

One of the most important changes is the introduction of upfront pricing info that will be displayed when the driver gets a ping or delivery request. Every driver will see their estimated minimum earnings (including the Uber Eats delivery fee) right before they accepted a trip. The provided estimated earnings also include any tips given by customers.

Another great upfront detail for drivers is the drop-off location. Now, besides showing the estimated time between the driver’s current location and restaurant location on the map, Uber also supplies it with the estimated time needed to deliver meals to the customer’s drop-off location.

Not only information about the estimated time, but they also add information about the estimated distance that must be travelled by the driver. Not just the distance to the restaurant is calculated, but also the distance between the restaurant to the drop-off address.

All upfront information shown on each Uber Eats trip request is a form of transparency from the company to its partners. Every delivery driver in Australia and New Zealand now could make careful choices. They can accept the trip when they feel the trip is worth the effort, otherwise, they have an option to decline a trip request.

uber eats new upfront pay

Upfront Infromation: Old vs New

Previously, Uber Eats drivers had to accept the trip request and start the delivery in advance to find out the drop-off location. They don’t know how many dollars they will get before successfully delivering the order and finishing the trip.

However, it seems that Uber is still taking into account an overall driver performance in the platform. Declining too many orders might impact the number of pings or delivery request that you will receive later. Drivers who have never declined a trip might be able to get more pings.

Uber Eats Pay Structure Changes 2020

In addition to providing drivers with more upfront information before they accept a delivery request. Uber also changed the pay structure for its delivery partners that could better reflect the driver’s effort and time spent on the platform. This also means drivers may earn more (or less) compared to previous pay structure.

The estimated earnings now determined by the total time and total distance travelled by the driver to complete the trip. Not only calculate the distance and delivery time from restaurants to drop-off locations but now they also calculate the distance and time to arrive at the pick-up location.

Road conditions are also taken into account in the new pay structure, so the estimated earnings for delivering on busy hours in heavy traffic will be higher when compared with the normal time and light traffic conditions. In addition, waiting time in restaurants which sometimes negatively affects drivers, is now also taken into account, drivers can earn more if they are forced to wait longer at restaurants for certain reasons such as long queues.

As you know, Uber Eats’ previous pay structure was based on a pick-up fee, drop-off fee and distance travelled. This is often complained of by drivers across Australia and New Zealand as it sometimes doesn’t appropriate with the driver’s effort and time to complete the delivery trip.

However, this does not mean that every trip will pay more, but in certain conditions, this change could make the drivers earn more. But at least Uber has been transparent about the minimum pay that every driver could earn just before accepting a trip, and that is a good change.


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