The on-demand food delivery keeps growing quickly in Australia and NZ these days, especially after Uber Eats was officially launched in these two countries. Unlike similar services from other companies that limit the number of its delivery-partners working on their platforms, Uber continues to accept new partner registrations in a number of cities.

This strategy turned out to be successful for making their service the most used food delivery app in the countries. No wonder, because they have a large number of delivery drivers who are ready to deliver food to customers faster on the intended temperature.

Why Bicycle for Delivery

Bicycles are a preferred vehicle for food delivery drivers because they have several benefits. The following are the advantages of delivery with a bike compared to a car or motorbike.

  • Does not require a driver licence and vehicle insurance
  • There is no fuel expense
  • Very low maintenance costs
  • Allows partners to bypass traffic and it’s not hard to get a parking space
  • Prioritized to get short distance orders and orders from restaurants located in the city centre

In addition to these advantages, it turns out that delivery by bicycle also has some disadvantages, one of which is the energy needed to ride a bike. Because not everyone is able to get around the city by pedalling bicycles along with a large hot bag.

Currently, delivery drivers have an option to deliver by using an electric bicycle or commonly called an e-bike. This vehicle is not a new thing in Australia and New Zealand, we can easily notice it on the road due to the increasing popularity of this type of vehicle.

Can I use an e-bike for food delivery services?

Yes, you can use an e-bike to deliver with Uber Eats, Menulog, DoorDash, Deliveroo or others. But the bike must comply with applicable regulations. With this vehicle, you will get the benefits gained by bikers with fewer efforts.

As we know, the current legislation in Australia says that you can use an e-bike on road or bike path with maximum power output less than 250w with pedal assist. New Zealand regulations also apply restrictions on motor power output, your e-bike should be 300w or less.

In addition to limiting motor output, the regulation also limits the speed of your vehicle. Your e-bike motor should not assist 25km/h for safety reasons.

If you insist on driving more than 25km/h, apart from breaking the rules, there is a possibility you will get a warning message from the food delivery company. For example, Uber will temporarily deactivate drivers due to this concern, as they think you are using another type of vehicles such as a car or motorcycle.


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