Uber Eats is known as a restaurant food ordering and delivery platform. Their services are also the most popular in Australia with more than a third (38.2%) market share in the country according to Dashmote’s report.

To strengthen its status as a market share leader, Uber continues to expand its influence by extending services, so now it doesn’t just deliver from restaurants.

Yes, you read that right, currently, Uber Eats also delivers from grocery stores across Australia. Not only delivering, but the drivers will do the grocery shopping for you.

The company introduced this service to its delivery drivers as a Pack & Deliver order. With additional services like this, it makes an opportunity for drivers to earn more every day.

How does Uber Eats grocery delivery work in Australia?

To date, there are two types of grocery deliveries offered by Uber to its delivery drivers in Australia. The difference between the two is in the procedure that must be carried out by a driver to complete it.

Package vs Pack & Deliver

1. Standard Grocery Order
When getting this kind of order, a delivery person only needs to pick up grocery items ordered by Uber customers that have previously been prepared by the store team.

So when you come to the specified store, then go to the designated place to pick up the customer’s order that has been prepared and then deliver it to the customer and you’re done.

There is no significant difference with food orders in restaurants. The difference may be the number of items you have to deliver and it requires more effort to unload the items.

2. Pack & Deliver Order
When you get a Pack & Deliver order, you as a delivery driver who shops for Uber Eats grocery. So when you arrive at the store specified in the driver app, you are required to pick and pack the items that have been specifically ordered by the Uber customer.

After getting all the items mentioned, drivers can continue the checkout process by using the virtual reloadable debit card that was previously prepared by Uber.

The final step is delivering and dropping off the grocery items to the customer’s location and that’s it. So what differentiates Pack & Deliver delivery from regular delivery is the shopping and checkout process.

What grocery stores are on Uber Eats?

When an Uber customer wants to buy grocery items, they will be given several choices of grocery stores or supermarkets that provide delivery via the platform.

Depending on the customer’s location, Uber Eats customers can shop grocery online at Coles, Woolworths (Metro), IGA, Harris Farm, Chemist Warehouse, QE Food Store and many others.

From the grocery stores we mentioned above, until now only grocery orders from Coles stores are categorized as Pack & Deliver orders. When getting an order from this store a delivery driver must pick, pack and pay for the items.

So if you get an order other than Coles stores, such as from Woolworths, IGA or others then they only need to take grocery items that have been prepared by the store team and deliver them to customers.

How to get grocery orders?

Grocery delivery orders are offered by Uber to almost all delivery drivers, especially for standard grocery orders such as from Wollies or IGA.

However, to be able to get grocery delivery from Coles which is included in the Pack & Deliver service, a delivery driver must sign up for the service and activate a virtual debit card, called the Uber Plus Card.

The Plus Card will later be used by drivers to checkout at merchants. To find out more about this card, you can read our article about the card.

The following are some quick steps for drivers who are interested in placing a Pack & Deliver order in Australia.

  1. Request a Plus Card
    To get the virtual debit card you have to make a request first by logging in to the driver portal via a web browser.

    Apart from that, you can also do this by opening the driver app preferences and signing up for Pack & Deliver orders from there.

  2. Activate the card
    The next step is to activate the Plus Card by following the step-by-step instructions provided. This step also includes the process of adding the card to your smartphone’s wallet.

After that, you can immediately accept the Pack & Deliver order. If you haven’t received your order, you can go closer to the area where there are many Coles stores available.

pack deliver signup

Sign up for Pack & Deliver

Apart from that, you can also check your driver account preferences inside the app and make sure the Pack & Deliver order option is turned on.

Is Uber Eats grocery delivery worth it?

Several delivery drivers we met said that grocery delivery orders are worth accepting, especially if the order is packed and delivered.

If the standard restaurant pickup-only delivery pays you $5 – $8 per order. Then you can expect to get more than $10 – $40 for Pack & Deliver grocery orders.

In fact, the number cannot be guaranteed since the pay is of course determined by several factors. Apart from the distance and estimated order completion time, grocery delivery also includes the number of items ordered by the customer as a determinant of driver pay.

The following is an example of screen captures of Uber Eats grocery delivery orders from several delivery drivers across Australia.

grocery delivery driver pay

Pack & Deliver Pay Example

example driver pay rate

Pack & Deliver Pay Example

Grocery Delivery FAQ

The following are several things that are often asked by delivery drivers who have just placed a grocery order. Here we will also answer according to the experience of several delivery people who have carried out many Pack & Deliver orders.

What should drivers do when the Uber Plus Card gets declined?
When you accept the order, Uber will reload the Plus Card balance according to the estimated price of the goods the customer ordered. But sometimes the card gets declined during checkout for which we don’t know the reason.

In this case, you will be advised to use your own card to pay for the order. After that, you can make a reimbursement according to the receipt you have received.

Do we provide purchase receipts to customers?
When you receive an order with the Pack & Deliver tag on the screen, you are not allowed to give the shopping receipt to the customer. Just keep it for yourself, because maybe one day you will need it, for reimbursement for example.

Can we add Coles paper bags for packing customer orders?
Some drivers said they took as many paper bags as they needed. However, you need to remember that paper bags have a maximum weight limit, which as far as I know is around 6kg.

When I get a Coles grocery order, can I choose which store I want to go to?
Indeed, there have been several cases of drivers who received Coles delivery requests from shops located quite far away, even though there was also a Coles store next to the driver.

In this case, we still recommend that you go to the specified shop. Because there’s a chance that the shop close to you doesn’t have the items that the customer wants in stock.

If you are still going to an inappropriate store then there are some obstacles that you may encounter such as a declined plus card, or you cannot start the shopping process because your location is too far from the store specified in the app.

As an Uber driver, can I scan my own Coles Flybuys card during checkout?
Uber policy does not allow delivery drivers to scan their Flybuys card during Coles checkout. Maybe because the purchase is paid by the customer, not the driver, it may violate the terms and conditions of the loyalty program.

This action could also make you ineligible for the Pack & Deliver program. You can read more about this in our other article about using Flybuys for delivery persons.

Last Updated on March 11, 2024
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