A new driver promotion campaign seems to have rolled out for Uber drivers in Perth. Some partners in the city have received an email from Uber stated that they are eligible for a new promotion that they are trialling in the select area of Perth.

In addition, the campaign will only apply to trips that begin during peak hours, so there are two conditions apply in this promotion.

Instead of additional top-up or boost fare, drivers will get lower service fees. The standard Uber service fee is 25%, with this promotion it will be reduced to 11%, however, the percentage of reduced fees might differ for each driver. Because there is a driver who reports if he gets 22% instead of 11%.

The promotion campaign will run from February 24 to April 5, 2020. After the trial ends, Uber might launch a similar promotion to even more drivers in the city or maybe around the country when Uber believes the promotion has a positive impact on the company.

On the other hand, in case the company thinks that this promotion does not have good effectiveness then they might stop it or replace it with another campaign.

uber perth driver promotion

Uber Perth Reduced Service Fee

As we know, Uber has several ongoing promotions for its driver-partners in the country. One of these is a driver loyalty program called Uber Pro which provides benefits such as fuel and car wash discounts, accident replacement cars and more.

In addition, Uber also offers a Weekly Quest, an incentive that requires a certain number of trips to make extra earnings. Earning boosts that let you get higher fares, especially in featured areas during busy hours.

Uber has also implemented a similar promotion in the last three months of 2019, chosen drivers can get the opportunity to enjoy a 5% service fee for the rest of the week just after they complete 50 trips.

Uber also added that promotion with an extra $500 for those who were able to unlock the 5% fee promotion for the six weeks in a row.

Image by Perth Uber Drivers – Andrew


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