Under local regulations, rideshare drivers around Australia are required to display a form of identification on their vehicle that used to provide a passenger service. Whenever a driver is online, including when they are waiting for ride requests, they are required to display a sticker. This regulation applies to all ridesharing platforms available around the country which include Uber, Didi, Ola and others.

The main reason why rideshare drivers are required to set up a sticker is to make their vehicles identifiable by local authorities. In addition, another reason is that a sign or sticker will make it easier for riders to find their booked car. Especially when the pick-up location is in crowded spots where the rego number is not clearly seen.

Rideshare sticker or signage is installed on the car’s windscreen, depending on where you are driving, it can be on the front or rear windscreen. In addition, if you drive with more than one rideshare company it’s recommended to have stickers from every company where you drive for. We will look at this in more depth in the next section.

Where to get the rideshare stickers?

Once you are approved as a driver on one of the rideshare platforms such as Uber you will be asked to request a sticker from one of their partners, in this case HH Global. After placing an order, the sticker will be sent directly to the address you have chosen before. Because it will be mailed from the US, you have to wait around 7-14 days to get to Australia.

For Ola drivers, you can also request to get one by mail. After you have made the request, please allow up to 14 business days for the sticker to arrive at your address. The Ola stickers can be easily removed and replaced, it’s also durable and reusable.

If you are also driving with Didi, you can also request to get the stickers for free. Didi makes the sticker easy to peel so you can easily detach it if you want to end your shift or replace it with signage from other rideshare companies. Submit your sticker order request from Didi Global website and allow up to 10 business days to receive the stickers.

Where to place rideshare sticker

As we wrote earlier, your rideshare sticker must be positioned on your vehicle’s windscreen. Not only that, but you also have to make sure that the sticker is displayed properly and clearly visible by other people outside the car.

Every state in Australia has its own regulations about where the sticker must be placed on the vehicle. Here we provide the regulations that apply to each state.

Rideshare Sticker Placements
State Placement
Victoria (VIC) Front windscreen – Top left (passenger side)
Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Front windscreen – Left (passenger side)
New South Wales (NSW) Rear windscreen – Bottom right (driver side)
Western Australia (WA) Rear windscreen – Bottom left (passenger side)
South Australia (SA) Rear windscreen – Bottom right (driver side)
Queensland (QLD) Rear windscreen – Bottom left (passenger side)
AND Front windscreen – Bottom left (passenger side)

In addition to setting up stickers in the designated places, drivers must also ensure that the sign is clearly visible when viewed from outside the vehicle, including when your car is using darkened glass or tinted windows.

Driving without rideshare sticker in Australia

You are required to put a sticker on your vehicle when you are online and ready to accept ride requests with every rideshare driver app. Failure to do so may result in a penalty or fine by local authorities. But how much you could be fined for breaking this rule?

The fine amount differs for each state in the country, for example in Victoria, provide a commercial passenger service around the state without a sign in the car, will be fined $1652 (maximum penalty).

In the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), rideshare drivers will be fined a maximum penalty of $2669 when they are caught online without stickers displayed. Then for Western Australia (WA), the fine amount may be applicable depending on the circumstance, on the spot fine ranges from $900- $1800.

You need to remember that not only “no sticker displayed” which makes you fined, but also the wrong placement of the sticker or the sticker is not clearly visible from outside the vehicle cause you to be fined.

Download printable rideshare sticker for Uber Ola Didi

A rideshare company usually provides stickers for free to their newly registered and active drivers. However, the length of time it takes to wait for the sticker to arrive at the destination address is one of the main problems.

This problem could prevent new drivers from driving immediately and getting additional income from the rideshare platform. A significant amount of fine will be waiting for you if you force yourself to go online without display a sign. In addition, they can lose the moment to make thousands of dollars during the waiting period.

As an alternative, drivers can also print their own rideshare label from home without having to wait for the sticker shipments to arrive, so they can immediately go online without waiting for up to 14 days. To make it look nicer and last longer, you can try to laminate the paper.

Didi Australia Cities
Platform Sticker
Uber Uber-sticker.pdf (274 KB)
Ola Ola-sticker.pdf (45 KB)
Didi Didi-sticker.pdf (467 KB)
CPV (VIC Only) CPV-VIC-Decal-A5.pdf (29 KB)

Don’t have a printer? You can use the Officeworks service, they can help you to print the label as well as laminate it. Just upload your rideshare label design to the Officeworks website, choose your paper (A5 is preferred) then add the lamination option to your order. Once done in less than 2 days, just pick it up from your selected store.

Do I need to display every rideshare stickers at the same time?

Based on several drivers who are online on more than one rideshare platform at the same time, displaying only one sticker from a rideshare platform should not give you any problems or get fined by local authorities.

Especially for drivers in Victoria, they can choose to attach CPV stickers instead of rideshare platform’s stickers on their car’s windscreen. VIC regulations allow you to display only CPV sign to all rideshare platforms operating around the State.

For drivers who work with two or more rideshare companies at the same time, it might seem a little strange when you pick up riders who order through the Didi app but picked up by a vehicle displaying an Uber sticker. However, it seems that it won’t be a problem for riders because they already know that drivers are independent contractors who can work on more than one platform at once.

To choose which sticker from which company will you choose to display it on the windscreen, decide on a platform that gives you by far the most orders.

Having stickers from any rideshare company you are actively driving with is not a bad idea. If you have time to swap stickers according to what the riders use every time you get a ride request, that’s even better. However, if it is not possible to replace it while on the road it will not be a problem.

Last Updated on June 16, 2021
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Hi, the gov site below says “You must not produce your own vehicle signs”


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