To be able to work in Australia you are required to have valid working rights in the country, including those who work as drivers or courier for several companies such as Uber, Didi, Ola, Doordash, Deliveroo and others.This is a regulatory requirement set by the Australian Government that every company must comply with.


If you are an Australian citizen or New Zealand citizen holding a special category visa, you will not have a problem with this, since you have unlimited rights to work across the country. You most likely will not be asked about VEVO checks because when you sign up as a partner you can provide an evidence of Australian citizenship document such as the Australian Citizenship Certificate, Australian Birth Certificate or Australian/NZ Passport.

Requirements for checking work rights in the country apply only to non-Australian/NZ drivers and delivery partners. To check your visa condition you can use the VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Check) system developed by the Department of Home Affairs.

Every company has its own way to check their partner’s visa details. Like Uber who will automatically conduct a VEVO check if you cannot provide evidence of an Australian citizenship document. This procedure is usually performed together with a background check or criminal history check procedure by ACIC accredited agency.

Unlike Uber, the Indian-rideshare company Ola requires its driver-partners who do not have Australian citizenship to inquire a VEVO check independently and upload the result to them as one of the requirements to register on their platform.

If you have been registered as a driver-partner before the VEVO check takes effect, you will get a notification to immediately complete these requirements. There are some Uber driver-partners who have received this notification and they cannot start driving until they have provided the check results to the company.

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VEVO Check using app

To check your visa conditions, you can head to the Department of Home Affairs website and check visa conditions online. In addition, you can also download an official app called myVEVO in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. This application also allows visa holders to view and email their visa details which can be used to register as rideshare drivers or food delivery partners.