To be able to work in Australia you may be required to have valid working rights in the country, including those who want to work as a rideshare driver for Uber, Didi, Ola. This regulation also applies to couriers or delivery drivers who work for on-demand food delivery service like Menulog, Uber Eats, Doordash, Deliveroo and others.

Currently, there are more than two million temporary visa holders in Australia, but not all of them are allowed to work while living in this country, they must have the right to work before being allowed to work. To check whether you have the right to work, the Australian Government provides a Visa Entitlement Verification Online system or also known as VEVO check that allows visa holders, employers and other organizations to check visa conditions.

Employers including rideshare and food delivery companies must comply with these immigration laws. For this reason, companies like Uber are required to validate their drivers and delivery partners’ visa conditions online (VEVO check) before allowing them to work on their platforms.

Do I need VEVO check for Uber?

If you are an Australian citizen or New Zealand citizen holding a special category visa, you will not have a problem with this, since you have unlimited rights to work across the country and you most likely will not be asked about VEVO check.

Every Australian who able to upload Australian citizenship documents such as the Australian Citizenship Certificate, Australian Birth Certificate or Australian/NZ Passport to sign up as an Uber driver and Uber Eats delivery partner won’t need this check.

Requirements for checking work rights in the country apply only to non-Australian/NZ drivers and delivery partners. It’s also important to remember, you will be asked to update your VEVO document when there are changes to the visa, including when your visa is about to expire.

Not only Uber requires VEVO check for their driver-partners, but every company operating in Australia including ridesharing companies (such as Didi, Ola and the like) and on-demand delivery companies (such as DoorDash, Menulog, Deliveroo, Amazon Flex, Sherpa, etc .). You may not realize it, since this check had been included when you conduct a Police Check.

How to check VEVO for Uber?

Actually, you don’t need to spend money to check visa status like this. Because you, as a visa holder, can access your own details through the VEVO system, which is provided free of charge by the Australian Department of Home Affairs.

However, some companies require their partners to conduct VEVO checks through the agencies they work with. Like Uber, which collaborates with the National Crime Check (NCC) to perform the check for a small fee, around $2.2.

As an Uber driver, you can do a Self VEVO check via the following link You will land on the Uber login page, once logged in you will be forwarded to the NCC website. Input your visa details then pay it off, after that they will process it and you will get the results via email.

There’s no need to upload the VEVO result to Uber via app or web. The NCC will also send Uber a copy of the results. Now you just have to wait for Uber to process it.

vevo check uber ncc

Uber Work Right Check

How to get VEVO check for FREE?

Unlike Uber, the Indian-rideshare company Ola and several other companies require its independent contractor workers who do not have Australian citizenship to inquire a VEVO check independently and upload the result to them as one of the requirements to register on their platform.

To check your visa conditions, you can head to the Department of Home Affairs website and check visa conditions online.

There, you will need to select an immigration document type. The most frequently used document type is a passport. If you choose this type of doc you have to choose one of the other supporting details such as a Transaction Reference Number (TRN), Visa Evidence Number, Visa Grant Number or a password that you got after registered with the Department of Home Affairs website.

In addition, you can also download an official app called myVEVO in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

vevo check rideshare online

VEVO Check using app

This application also allows visa holders to view and email their visa details which can be used to register as rideshare drivers or food delivery partners.

Uber VEVO doc got rejected

Even though it rarely happens, some people said that their VEVO check got rejected or not approved by Uber when signing up as a driver. They are required to upload a VEVO check doc to continue the registration process.

The following are some of the possibilities why your VEVO got rejected by Uber:

  • You take a photo of the VEVO check result and upload it yourself via the driver app. However, even though Uber provides a menu for you to self-upload the doc, it’s actually not the right way and most likely they won’t approve the check doc. You should do this through the link we have provided above. This applies to approved driver-partners who want to update their documents.

    If you are not yet registered as a driver and are still in the process to become an UberX or UberEats driver but constrained by a VEVO check. It seems that there is a problem with your background check results. We recommend you to get in touch with Uber or the NCC (National Crime Check) directly who process your details.

  • Uber rejects a VEVO result commonly due to visa problems. This happens quite often with drivers whose visas are nearing their expiration date. They want to use their bridging visa as a temporary replacement, but they forget that their substantive visa is still valid. Waiting a couple of days after their bridging visa becomes active is a solution that many drivers out there say.
  • The worst chance is you don’t have work rights stated in your visa. It is necessary to perform a self VEVO check for free via the Home Affairs official website or app to learn more about your visa conditions before run an Uber VEVO check for a small fee.
uber vevo check failed

VEVO Check Uber wrong document


Mohammed salman Lateef · November 21, 2020 at 11:31 pm

My vevo is not complete so plz active my vevo check as soon as possible thanks

Wayne Chattillon · January 2, 2021 at 6:53 pm

Uber Forces Australian Born and Raised People TO DO A VEVO Saying That All Partners Are Reqierd to Do Vevo

RAQUEL · January 20, 2021 at 11:18 am

I’ve been trying to solve the problem with my VEVO check for so long with no reply on your behalf

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