At the end of the year, the US meal delivery service DoorDash began expanding into several new cities after officially launching in Sydney in mid-November. Now they are starting to expand its services in other cities and urban areas in the State of Victoria including Geelong, Sunbury and Melton.

Upon arrival in Australia, DoorDash said that they would continue to expand in the country through the end of 2019 and into 2020, including several regional cities and suburbs. This is in accordance with DoorDash’s global strategy which also focuses on suburban areas in order to reach more users.

As usual, when launching its meal delivery service in a new city, DoorDash also offered several promotions to attract locals to try their services. This time they offered a 30 or 30 promotion in Geelong, Sunbury and Melton for 15 days since their service officially rolled out in these cities.

The 30 or 30 promotion means DoorDash will guarantee your order (from eligible participating restaurants) will arrive in less than 30 minutes. When it is failed to deliver within 30 minutes you might be eligible to get a $30 voucher that you can use for your next order. With this promotion, they want to prove that their services can be counted by Aussie for ordering and delivering foods.

Not just that, as a new user you are also automatically eligible to get a free delivery fee that you can use in any restaurants. Even greater, you can also combine the free delivery promotion with another promotion that you can redeem by entering a promo code.

DoorDash Driver in Geelong, Sunbury and Melton

In addition to providing convenience to local residents by delivering their favourite food, DoorDash also offers opportunities for locals to make money by delivering meals. You can make this job as a part-time or once in a while job.

For existing rideshare or delivery drivers, you can make DoorDash a complementary app that let you keep earning money when you don’t get calls from other on-demand food delivery apps. So your time will not be wasted by waiting for orders only from one app.

Last Updated on June 6, 2021
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