After successfully conquering two major cities in NSW and VIC, DoorDash now wants to continue to expand its services in other parts of the country. Brisbane is the next city in Australia where the US-based online food delivery company launch its services, giving Aussie a new choice to order their favourite meals.

As the third most populated city in Australia, Brisbane is definitely a great market for DoorDash and other similar companies. Just like in other big cities, in this city, there are already several businesses that provide similar services and have been operating for quite a long time such as Menulog, Deliveroo and the biggest player Uber Eats.

It’s not easy being a new kid in town, DoorDash has its own strategy to be able to compete and gain market share in the middle of competition in the food delivery industry. The first approach is to offer a $0 delivery fee promotion to customers who purchase dishes through their platform. In addition, they also temporarily eliminate service charge or commission fees to some restaurants that work with them.

In addition to providing new options for foodies in the city, the existence of DoorDash in Brisbane will certainly also have a positive impact on gig-workers who work with existing food delivery companies. They have a greater chance to be able to get more delivery jobs and make more money than before. Furthermore, many local restaurants in the city will also take advantage of the presence of the new app, because they can reach more customers when their business is listed on the new food delivery platform.

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Where is DoorDash available in Brisbane

When rolling out in this city later, the DoorDash service will initially be available at the City of Brisbane Local Government Areas which include some of the busiest and most populated suburbs in the area, such as the CBD, Kangaroo Point, New Farm, and other suburbs that have a lot of restaurants. Apart from the capital of QLD, they also have the plan to open their services on the Gold Coast sometime soon.


The launch of DoorDash in Brisbane was postponed to 10th June 2020. The initial information we received from several registered delivery drivers, previously the company planned to officially operate in the city on May 27th May 2020.

To find out more clearly whether your current location is supported by DoorDash, all you have to do is download the app and write down your current address. If your location is supported, you can view the list of nearby supported restaurants in the app and choose one of them.

If you are a DoorDash courier partner, you are advised to stay close to the area where there are many restaurants, as they will assign delivery jobs to the closest Dasher. Like other food delivery platforms, you can also see where the busy area in the driver app.

DoorDash Promo Code Brisbane

Just like when opening its services in other cities around Australia, when it comes to Brisbane later DoorDash will also provide various promotions to mark their arrival in the city as well as introduce and encourage people to try their online food delivery platform.

The most common campaign is 30 or $30 promotion, which guarantees that every order in select restaurants will come in less than 30 minutes or customer will get compensation in the form of vouchers that are worth up to $30 for a future order. By offering this promotion, DoorDash wants to prove that their service is reliable.

On top of that, DoorDash also provides free delivery promotion for 30 days for every new customer who uses their services in Brisbane. This is definitely a good deal because as we know, other food delivery platforms set delivery fees starting at $3.99 for each order. This promotion is automatically applied, but some of it requires you to enter a promo code.

Promotions in the form of promo codes enable you to reduce the total cost of your meals order. Promotion amounts vary from $5, $7, $10 and $15 per order. Not just that, you can use it along with the free delivery promotion, so it could save you even more. Read more about DoorDash promo code in Australia.

DoorDash Brisbane Restaurant Partners

Brisbane is one of the cities in Australia with a significant restaurant population. According to Yellowpages, the number of restaurants in Greater Brisbane has now approached 2,000 ranging from local Chinese and Thai cuisine to the American fast-food chains. DoorDash tries to take advantage of this condition by facilitating delivery from these restaurants and reach wider customers around the city.

You can find many of the most popular restaurants in Australia in DoorDash platform, such as Maccas, Nando’s, Oporto, Grill’d, Carl’s Jr. and several other restaurant chains. However, several well-known restaurants still have not partnered with the company such as KFC, Hungry Jack’s, Red Roosters, Domino’s Pizza. But some of these restaurants are likely to be available in Brisbane later because we have seen them listed in other cities.

DoorDash Brisbane Driver

One of the most important things for DoorDash’s online food delivery service is its Dasher or their gig-worker drivers. Dasher are crucial part of the company because they are workers who directly related to customers and restaurant partners.

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Dasher on Bike

As a new service in the city, DoorDash definitely needs plenty of drivers who are ready to deliver food to its customers. So this is an opportunity for those of you who want to earn extra income with flexible work time. Existing delivery drivers from other similar companies such as Uber Eats or Menulog are also welcome to join the platform.

Once activated as a Dasher you can accept work anywhere around the city, but here are some suburbs and localities where a driver usually gets a lot of delivery requests: Slacks Creek, Thornlands, Sunnybank, Redbank, Ipswitch, Jindalee, East Brisbane, Capalaba, Brisbane City, Stafford Heights, North Lakes and Morayfield. Moreover, DoorDash also plans to open their services on the Gold Coast, but there is no exact date when it will launch.

As a Dasher you can expect to get around $10 – $20 a trip (including peak pay promotion), this is based on the information from several drivers who have been actively driving in several other cities around the country. To find out more about Dasher you read our post about what’s it like delivering with DoorDash in Australia.

DoorDash Brisbane Local Office and Contact Number

Generally, DoorDash always opens a new local office where they operate in a city. In Australia, we have been able to find local offices in two major cities where this service is available such as in Sydney and Melbourne. The main purpose of opening an office is to assist in the process of recruiting a new delivery driver or also known as Dasher.

As we know, one of the requirements to be accepted and start dashing is to attend an orientation at the local office. In there, drivers will be directed to the lodge a background check, perform red card activation and informed of how the Dasher app works. Commonly, it takes several months from city launch until they finally open a local office in a city.

But they will notify you of their temporary local address in the city via email, text message or when you schedule an orientation that you will find during the registration process.

To get in-person support, they advise its customers, drivers and restaurant partners to access their in-app help or official help webpage. On their support website, you can do live chat or send an email. If you are comfortable with talking via phone calls, you can reach support by dialling 1800-958-316.

Last Updated on May 29, 2020
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