DoorDash in Sydney has been rolled out at the end of 2019 or more precisely in November 2019. Sydney is the second city where the San Francisco-based food delivery company launched its services after being quite successful in its first city, Melbourne.

As we know, online food ordering and delivery service is not a new thing in the city, there are a lot of companies that offer similar services to more than 5 million residents in this city. Starting from multinational companies that open their services in this country such as Uber Eats and Deliveroo to the Australian-founded company like Menulog.

The presence of DoorDash enlivened the food delivery market in the city, and it is a good thing for customers and gig workers. In case you often use this kind of service, now you can compare which is the best and most efficient platform for ordering meals from your favourite restaurants.

If you are a delivery driver, now you have other choices instead of the mainstream platform that might help you get more money every day by working with more than one online delivery platform.

Where is DoorDash available in Sydney

DoorDash is available in almost all regional areas and suburbs around Sydney, starting from City, Eastern Suburbs, Forest District, Greater Western, Inner West, Northern Beaches and others. As a new player in the city, their restaurant collection may not be as many as the first competitors here, but they have a plan to continue to expand their services going forward.

If you are curious whether you can use DoorDash from your current location, you can directly install the app, register then put your current address in the map. If you see a list of restaurants that means DoorDash can deliver to your address, otherwise you will see a “Stay Tuned” message when your current location isn’t supported.

doordash free delivery

DoorDash Free Delivery

DoorDash Sydney Promo Code

In the past, when they first launched in the city in, they introduced their service with an attractive promotion by giving 10,000 free Bondi burgers from Oporto. In addition, they also offer a 30 minutes or $ 30 promotion, which guarantees your order will arrive within thirty minutes or they will give you a voucher worth up to $30 for your next order.

Currently, DoorDash often issued various promotions, both for new and old customers. The most popular type of promotion is the Free Delivery Fee for 30 days on every order over $15, which is given specifically to customers who have just registered on their platform.

In addition, they also often provide discounts in the form of promo codes that can be used to save your total spending up to a few dollars. You can follow a page that we created to summarize the promo codes for DoorDash that we got.

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DoorDash Restaurant Partners in Sydney

To be able to provide a variety of cuisine choices to its customers, DoorDash has collaborated with thousands of restaurants around Sydney. As a customer you can order food from the most popular food chains such as Macca’s, Oporto, Mad Mex, Guzman y Gomez, Nando’s, Grill’d, Schnitz and much more.

However, if you are a fan of KFC, Subway, Hungry Jack’s or Red Rooster, you probably won’t find it on the DoorDash platform at the moment. But there is a possibility that you will be able to order food from all those restaurants in the future when their services grow in Sydney and have enough users and delivery drivers.

DoorDash also serves orders from several local restaurants that you might not find it on other online food ordering platforms. Just search for target local restaurant names and maybe you can find it listed in the supported restaurants.

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DoorDash Sydney Driver

In addition to providing new options for Aussie to order food, DoorDash also offers opportunities for those living in Sydney to become their courier partners and earn extra income.

Anyone can register to become delivery with DoorDash whether permanent residents, international students and temporary residents have the same opportunity to work on this platform as long as it meets the requirements set by the NSW government.

The list of requirements in order to be accepted as a DoorDash driver in Sydney is not too different from the requirements set by other similar companies. You can also still be accepted as a driver even if you already joined with Uber Eats, Menulog or Deliveroo.

For more complete information about driver requirements, application processes, average drivers pay and more, just read our post about DoorDash Driver Drivers in Australia.

DoorDash Contact Number and Customer Service in Sydney

To be able to help solve your problem, DoorDash offers support through several ways such as live chat, email and phone support. This applies to its customers, drivers and restaurant partners in Sydney. Depending on the problem you are dealing with, you can choose one of the three support options.

Live chat and phone support are recommended to solve your problem quickly since it will be handled directly by a professional support agent. As for e-mail, it is more effective to solve more complicated issues and not too urgent to be resolved right away because they need further review.

You can access live chat and email support directly inside the DoorDash app or via their official support website. You also have the option to call them at 1800-958-316.

DoorDash Sydney Office

Apart from serving support through various media like chat, email and phone calls. DoorDash also complements their services by opening a local office where you can meet and get in-person support with the company’s team, their office is located Parramatta which is a major commercial suburb in the city.

Unfortunately, the office is specialized to provide support for delivery drivers or also known as Dasher to activate driver accounts, perform driver orientation and others. We also don’t know yet whether DoorDash customers or restaurant partners can get help in this office.

Here is a DoorDash Sydney local office address and office hours just in case you want to meet directly with the support team:

DoorDash Suite 131, Level 1
30 Cowper Street
Parramatta, NSW 2150

Office Hours:
10:30 AM to 5:30 PM (Mon-Fri)

Last Updated on May 8, 2020
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