To be able to legally drive a car in Australia and NZ you need a driver licence, an official document that allows specific individuals to operate the car on public roads. So, if you want to apply to become a rideshare driver, make sure you have an acceptable driver licence in the country or state where you are going to drive.

As the main and most important requirement that allows you drive for a rideshare company, of course, you must have an unrestricted or full driver licence, not a Learner’s Permit, Provisional or Probationary Licence that has some restrictions such as the need to be accompanied and must not drive beyond the specified speed limit.

Currently, rideshare business in the country is regulated by the government. In Australia, it is under the responsibility of the State or Territory Government. That is why every state or territory has its own set of regulations, including driver licence requirements.

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Rideshare companies operating in this country such as Uber, Ola, Didi, Bolt and several other similar companies cannot determine their own minimum requirements for a driver licence. So when your licence is accepted at one company, you can also use it to register at another company, since the requirements are not too different.

In addition to an unrestricted or full licence, there are some additional requirements that you must have or you must pass to be able to meet the conditions set by the government such as how long you have to hold the licence. Some states in Australia even require a rideshare driver to complete its driver licence with an extension or condition. For more details, you can see the table below.

State/Country Min. Issued Additional
New South Wales 12 months PTLC
Victoria 6 months
Queensland 12 months
Western Australia 12 months F or T extension
South Australia 6 months
ACT Not specified D Condition
Northern Terrority Not specified H Endorsement
Tasmania 12 months
New Zealand 12 months

In addition to the licence document that we mentioned before, there are still a number of other driver requirements that you must complete together with your driver licence. For a more complete and detailed explanation of rideshare driver requirements in every state or territory in Australia and NZ, you can read it on the front page.

If you think it’s too difficult to meet various requirements to become a rideshare driver for Ola, Uber, Didi or Bolt. Don’t forget you also have an option to become a delivery-partner in the country. You don’t even need a licence if you choose to delivery by bicycle. Read more about the requirements here.

Last Updated on September 23, 2019
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