Being one a city with the fifth largest population on the continent, making Adelaide a promising city for rideshare services, including the Indian-based rideshare company Ola Cabs. Ola opened its service in Adelaide in mid-2018, Adelaide becomes a most recent city where their rideshare service opened in Australia.

Competition is not too fierce in the city since there is only one popular ridesharing service. Uber operates almost without significant competition in the city from 2014. Other ridesharing services such as the Chinese-based company Didi and Estonian company Taxify have not yet reached South Australia.

As in other cities in Australia, Ola offers several advantages for drivers over competitors such as low commission fees and daily payments directly to your bank account.

Where is Ola Available in SA?

Ola has been available in the State of South Australia (SA) starting mid-2018 in the city of Adelaide. Become the most recent capital city in Australia where the Indian ridesharing startup launched its service after previously come to Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Until now Ola rideshare service in SA only available in Adelaide, we have not heard any news about it will expand to other regional cities such as Mount Gambier or Gawler. Maybe because the population in those regional cities is quite different from the capital.

ola driver adelaide requirements

Ola Registration Progress

Driver Documents

You must be at least 21 years old and have the following requirements to be able to drive with Ola in Adelaide.

  1. Australian Driver Licence
    Full Australian driver licence is needed to be able to drive for rideshare business, the licence is not subject to any conditions, such as provisional, probationary or suspended. In addition, you have to held the licence for more than 6 months.
  2. Proof of Identity
    To prove your personal identity, you can use an Australian passport, birth or citizenship certificate. If you can only provide a non-Australian passport or Immicard then you must be able to prove that you have a valid working visa by inquiring VEVO check.
  3. Driver Accreditation
    Before you are able to drive a passenger vehicle for a fare or reward in the state of South Australia, you must hold a Driver Accreditation with Smart Passenger (SP) vehicle category. To apply for it, you must provide the following documents:

    • Full Australian Driver Licence no less than 6 months
    • Proof of identity with valid working visa
    • Working with Children Check (WWCC) which include national criminal history check
    • Certificate of Fitness after passing medical check

    If all documents are ready, you can immediately visit the Accreditation and Licensing Center to submit your paperwork. Learn more about this accreditation from the Government of South Australia website (

Vehicle Documents

To be a rideshare driver in Adelaide or other cities in South Australia your vehicle cannot be older than 8 years old, so in 2019 vehicle make must be 2011 or above. In addition, you will need the following vehicle documents.

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  1. Vehicle Registration Certificate
    Make sure your vehicle is registered you have the vehicle registration certificate. However, your current CTP insurance premium needs to be upgraded to a small public passenger vehicle to be used for rideshare business.
  2. Vehicle Inspection (Pink slip)
    In Adelaide all vehicles that will be used for rideshare are required to pass annual vehicle inspection. Inspections can be carried out through third-party vehicle inspection services and valid for 12 months. Ola works with Rightway Inspection and RAA Inspection, you can choose one of them.
  3. Operator Accreditation
    Operator accreditation is necessary for anyone responsible for the operation of a passenger transport service in South Australia, which includes the registered owner of the vehicle that is used for passenger transport, in this case, a rideshare service. To apply for operator accreditation you must complete a couple of forms and bring the form to the Accreditation and Licensing Center (ALC). Find out more about it from the Government of SA website.

Business Information

To receive daily payments from Ola, you need the following information.

  1. Bank Details
    Ola only needs two information relating to your bank account details which includes the Bank State Branch (BSB) code and bank account number.
  2. ABN
    To introduce your business to government and community you are required to apply for Australian Business Number or ABN.
Last Updated on January 4, 2020
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