Australia was the first country where Didi Chuxing opened their first expansion outside its home country with Melbourne as the first city in the country. Using the tag line Low-fare rideshare Didi is quite successful in the cities where they operate.

Didi uses a different approach to attracting customers and driver-partner to use its rideshare platform. To attract customers, they charge a slightly lower fare with competitors. In addition, riders also had the opportunity to get various promotions and discounts by using promo codes.

To keep drivers on the road, they reduce the initial commission fee from 20% to up to 5%, although recently they changed the commission scheme with Didi Advanced.

In addition, they also offer various incentives to its partners, read more about Didi Australia Driver Promotions – Rewards, Bonuses and more

Sad to say, Didi still hasn’t opened their ridesharing service in Adelaide or any other city in South Australia. We also have not found any information or rumours about this.

However if one day they finally open up their services in this city, you can prepare some of the requirements documents listed below.

When Didi will be available in Adelaide?

Up to now, we have not obtained information about Didi’s presence in Adelaide. Possibly one of the reasons why they still haven’t opened their services in Adelaide is they still want to focus on building up their position in eastern Australia before expanding their wings in other parts of the continent.

Adelaide is a potential market for rideshare services, this can be seen from several global rideshare companies such as Uber and Ola that open their services in this city. Furthermore, Adelaide is also the fifth most populous city in Australia, home to more than 1.3 millions of residents. So, if Didi opened their services here, they would not be short of customers.

Personal Documents

When Didi arrives in Adelaide someday, and if you still want to register as their driver-partner, you must be at least 21 years old and meet the following conditions.

  1. Driver Licence
    You must hold a Full Australian Driver Licence for more than 6 months to be able to drive passenger vehicles for fare like Didi. Also make sure your license is not suspended or is not a provisional or probationary licence.
  2. Identity Documents
    You can use several types of identity to be able to fulfil these requirements such as Australian passports, citizenship or birth certificate. If you do not have these documents and use a non-Australian identity then you must ensure you hold a valid working visa. You can inquire VEVO check to find out your work rights in the country.
  3. Driver Accreditation
    To be able to drive for hire or fare in South Australia, you must hold a driver accreditation for a small passenger vehicle. You can apply for accreditation by bringing and submitting your application at ALC (Accreditation and Licensing Center) located at 71 Richmond Road, Mile End.

    The following are some of the supporting documents you need before going to ALC:

    • Full Australian Driver Licence
    • Identity document with valid working visa
    • Medical and eyesight certificate
    • Child-related employment screening or Working with Children Check (WWCC)

Car Documents

Based on SA regulations, your vehicle can not be older than 8 years to be used for the ride-hail business. In addition, your vehicle must also be equipped with the following documents.

Sign Up

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  • Free! NCC Background Check (worth $40). Start to deliver at no cost.
  • Overseas licence holders and P platers are welcome.
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Become a Dasher

  1. Vehicle Registration with CTP
    Your vehicle must be validly registered in the state to be used with Didi. In addition, your existing CTP insurance premium must be upgraded to a small public passenger vehicle. The upgrade process can be done while you are at ALC (Accreditation and Licensing Center).
  2. Vehicle Inspection
    To be able to drive a passenger vehicle for hire or fare in SA you need to inspect the vehicle every 12 months. It can be done with third-party vehicle inspection services such as Rightway and RAA.
  3. Operator Accreditation
    Besides driver accreditation, you also need operator accreditation to be able to drive for Rideshare company in SA. As a registered owner of the vehicle, you’re responsible for the operation of a passenger transport service.

    Some of the requirements for getting accredited are generally not too different from driver accreditation such as child-related employment screening. Learn more about it at the Governments of SA.

Payment Information

  1. Bank Account
    To be able to receive direct deposits around Australia you only need two banking information, the BSB code and the bank account number.
  2. ABN
    ABN is the regulatory requirements for all rideshare drivers operating in Australia. It’s not difficult to get it, since you can apply online directly at the Australian Business Register website.


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