Queenstown is one of the tourist destinations in NZ, you can find numerous tourist attractions in the city. So it’s fair if the city is often known as the tourism capital of New Zealand, in March 2018 the city acquired visits from 340,000 visitors.

Uber in Queenstown City Centre, Airports and the other

Ridesharing service in Queenstown is pioneered by Uber starting in mid-2018. Along with several other cities such as Dunedin and Hamilton which also officially operated in the same year.

Based on the details they have got, prior to ride-hailing service is available in this city, there are already 200,000 users from 88 countries who opened Uber app while visiting Queenstown, which at that time they might wish to get a ride to move in the city.

The presence of a ride-hailing service such as Uber provides an opportunity for locals and tourists to get a convenient and affordable ride. Currently, you can easily get a ride to move from A to B if you are in the city centre area. However, the availability of driver-partners is limited in a number of areas within the city, especially in suburban areas.

Uber Queenstown Fare

Uber Queenstown Fare

In case you are interested in trying Uber Queenstown, here is the fare breakdown:

Rates Uber
Base Fare NZ$2.00
Booking Fee NZ$0.55
Per Minutes Rate NZ$0.45
Per Kilometer NZ$2.20

Under certain conditions, there’s additional charges as follows.

Rates Uber
Waiting Fee* NZ$0.60
Cancellation Fee (Rider or Driver Initiated) NZ$10.00
Additional Surcharges (Tolls, Airport Pickup Charge,etc) Varies

*Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Here is an example of estimated Uber fare from Queenstown Airport (ZQN) to another:

Destination (from Airport to) Trip Fare Return Fare
City Centre NZ$26-34 NZ$31-40
Rydges NZ$27-35 NZ$33-43
Peppers Beacon NZ$27-35 NZ$33-43
Millbrook NZ$43-57
Arrowtown NZ$41-54
Wanaka NZ$150-200

Uber Queenstown Promo Code

Still hesitate to use ride-hailing service? Feel free to use the promotional code down below to test the ease of booking a car to getting around Queenstown. When using the promo code, you will enjoy a trip with a discounted fare.

For Uber you can try the following promo code to get a discount on trip expenses in New Zealand.

App Promo Code Details
Uber GLENNF522UE Coupon value NZ$15.

In case you experience difficulties when using the promo code, head to our post here for a more detailed explanation about the Uber promo code, like how to use it and where you can apply it.

Driving for Uber in Queenstown

Besides finding a ride, you can even help the town by giving a cozy ride while getting additional cash. Ridesharing service offers flexible working time and does not require you to online at specific hours. You can drive at any time you desire.

Uber as a compliment for Queenstown Transportation

If you plan to visit Queenstown on your holiday, then you need to know about public Transport in Queenstown first.

Queenstown uses a special way of paying public transportation known as GoCard. With GoCard, you do not need to rummage for change. This card is perfect for you who plan to stay for a while in Queenstown. To have this card, you need to pay forNZ$5.

If you want to top it up, you need to pay NZ$10at least. If you want to have unlimited travel with this car for seven days, you only need to pay NZ$47. However, this option does not count Wanaka along.

Bus service. The bus is one public Transport in Queenstown you can use. The services have a different offer, and it will be better for you to know before taking it. First, let’s start from the Queenstown Hub.

Bus-11 will take you to Remarkables Shopping Mall. Meanwhile, Bus-8 will get you to Arthurs Point. If you want to visit the Sunshine Bay or Fernhill, it means that you need to take Bus-9.

Next, there are 4 buses operated in the Frankton bus shelter. Bus-11 can take you to the remarkable shopping mall. Bus-10 is available for Frankton-Arrowtown destination. If you hope to visit Frankton – Lake Hayes Estate, then you need to take Bus-12. Last, Frankton – Kelvin Heights needs you to take Bus-6.

Following the bus schedule sometimes can be overwhelming. Moreover, you find yourself far away from the bus shelter. In that case, you can choose taxi instead, as a taxi is also one popular public Transport in Queenstown.

For addition, the bus will not operate anymore in certain areas when it is already in the evening. On average, the taxi price in Queenstown is NZ$4 per km. Some trusted taxi companies you can have are Corporate Cabs, Bluebubble Queenstown, as well as Green Cabs.

Another transportation alternative that you can use when you can’t catch a bus schedule and can’t find a taxi. You can try ordering a rideshare service like Uber.

With a ride-hail service, you don’t need to call the operator to book a ride or walk to the bus stop. You just need to sit back, open the Uber app then order a ride directly from your smartphone. The car will come to you in a few minutes, depending on the location where you ordering.

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