When you buy goods or use services offered online, sometimes you will see a promo code offered by the company. The Promo code is one of the most commonly used methods in digital marketing, one of the goals is to attract users to buy or use their products or services.

This applies also when you use ridesharing services from Uber. Promotions using coupon codes are one of Uber’s strategies to attract the public to try their ridesharing platform, it’s known as Uber Free Rides.

As we know, in some cities in the world, ridesharing platforms are new in public transportations. Some people are reluctant to spend money to try new things, Uber knows that, so they provide coupons or promo codes.

The main target of this type of promotion is new users (they called it riders) who have never tried Uber ride-hailing platform before.

In several major cities in Australia and New Zealand where Uber has stiff competition with other ridesharing platforms like in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland. They also offer promotions to select existing riders with the hope that they continue to use their services rather than competitors.

Uber promo code is a special deal. By using the provided code, the riders have a chance to get discounted trip fares. Your actual total trip fare will be reduced by the value of the active promo code in your account.

For example, you have input a valid Uber coupon code which worth $10 and that free ride coupon has been active in your account. The code value will cut the total fare of your next trip, or if your trip costs less than the promo code value, you will be charged nothing.

Uber Promo Code for New Users

Most of the Uber promo code in Australia and New Zealand are available for new users or riders since this kind of users is their main target of promotion. If you have never installed the app and take Uber ride before, make sure you use this type of Uber code.

Uber Australia and NZ Promo Code
Promo Code Details
7LNAF A$10 off first ride.
Valid in all cities in Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and more.
GS1700UE NZ$15 off first ride.
Valid in all cities in New Zealand including Wellington, Christchurch and more.

Uber Promo Code for Existing Users

Sometimes Uber has also issued promo codes for existing users in AU and NZ. If you live in a big city like Sydney or Auckland, where you can find other ride-sharing platforms than Uber, then you might get this type of promo, in order to keep you ride with them.

However, nobody knows who and when an Uber rider receives notifications for this type of promotion, including us. Sometimes, you have to take a few trips before finally getting this promotional offer.

NOTE Promotions for existing users are usually offered exclusively via in-app notifications and email, and sometimes only for those who receive the notification or email, so not all riders are eligible to make use of it. However, it never hurts to try, maybe you’re eligible for the promotion but the email does not reach your inbox.

Uber Australia and NZ Promo Code (Existing)
Code Details
A13S A$10 ride credit for your next 3 rides.
Only valid in Australia.
MEL6SEP A$10 ride credit for your next 3 rides.
Only valid in Australia.
30AUS1J 30% off for your next 3 rides.
Only valid in Australia.
25AUS10TH 25% off for your next 3 rides.
Only valid in Australia.

How to Use Uber Promo Code

To use the promo code, you have to download the latest Uber app. You can do this directly through iTunes for Apple devices or Google Playstore for Android devices.

After it is successfully installed, open the app and register as usual. But here you will also be asked for a cell phone number during registration. That phone number is used for verification purposes and to protect your account.

Although it is rarely used, phone numbers are also useful for drivers to contact you in case they experience problems finding pickup location.

Input Uber Promo Code

After successfully registered as an Uber rider, follow the steps below:

  1. Press a three horizontal lines icon in the upper left of the app.
  2. Select the Payment menu.
  3. After entering the Payment page, see the Promotions sub-menu and tap “Add Promo Code”.
  4. Now enter the promo, without a space.
  5. It will load for a while to check whether the code you’ve entered is suitable for you to use. If the code is invalid or you are ineligible to use it, you will see an error message.
  6. Once the code successfully entered, you will immediately return to the Payment menu, and you can check the promo code in the Promotions sub-menu.

Uber Promo Code FAQ

  1. After successfully entering the promo code, how can I use it for my trip?
    Uber will automatically use active promotions in your account.
  2. Is there a limit when the promo code can be used?
    Yes, every promo code has a validity period, you can find the details about your active promo code in the Payment menu, sub-menu Promotions. We recommend that you use it as soon as possible.
  3. Can I use promo codes anywhere in the world?
    No, every Uber promo code has been assigned where the code applies, usually at country level. For example, if the promo code detail is shown in Australia, then the code can be used anywhere in the country.
  4. How can I know if the promo code will cut my trip fare?
    Try to order new Uber trip, when eligible, it will cut the estimated fare displayed in the app. However, for more details you can see it on the receipt when the trip ends.
Last Updated on March 2, 2020
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