Ride-hailing service or generally known as ridesharing is one of the point to point transport services that offer flexibility and convenience. We can travel from location A to B whenever you want for a fare.

Apart from Rideshare Service, point to point transport also includes several transportation services such as Taxi, Hire Cars, Tourist Service or other transportation services that provide passenger transport service for a fare.

As it relates to transportation services, the New South Wales Government brought out a new regulation. Began on 1st November 2017, a new Regulatory Framework for point to point transport came into effect.

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To adhere Government Regulation and to ensure the security of their services, Uber as a rideshare provider applies several requirements to new driver-partners, they need your personal and vehicle docs.

Sydney Uber Driver Requirements List

The following is the requirements list:

  1. Unrestricted Driver Licence in New South Wales (NSW)
    To become an Uber driver-partner, you must have an active Full NSW Driver License (not a provisional and learners license) and no less than 12 months.

    When took pictures of it, the license must clearly show the Full Name, Photo, License Number, Date of Birth, Expiry Date, License Class and Address.

  2. Proof of Identification
    To get approved by Uber, they need a photo of your passport, a birth certificate or ImmiCard. The photos you take must clearly show Full Legal Names including middle names and surnames, Gender, Date of Birth, Birth City and Country.
  3. NSW Driving Records
    Uber needs your driving records to be able to evaluate if you deserve to drive with them. The record is a note regarding the history of the violation that has been recorded against your driving license. There are currently two types of NSW driving records: a certified driving record and an online driving record. Uber only requires you to download the online record.

    Note: After you upload the driving record docs, they will also run the Police Background Check against your name. You will be shown step by step how to get it when you register online.

  4. Passenger Transport Licence Code
    To follow the new regulations set by the NSW Government, every Uber driver-partner is required to have a Passenger Transport License Code (PTLC).

    RMS NSW Transport

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    To apply for it you’ll need: proof of identity, license driver, completed commercial standard medical test (if applicable) and eyesight report by an optometrist or ophthalmologist (if applicable).

    Note: If you want, Uber can help you to submit PTLC application to the Road and Maritime Services (RMS) on your behalf. You can find and complete the form by logging into your Uber driver account.

That’s all the personal documents and licenses required to be accepted as an Uber Driver-Partner in Sydney. You can continue to read the Uber Car Requirements in Sydney and List of Eligible Car for Uber.

Last Updated on November 10, 2019
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