I have completed hundreds of deliveries with Uber Eats and DoorDash in Australia. From both platforms, I received several tip from Uber customers but not with DoorDash. However, I have no problem with it since I never expect tip from customers.

But lately, I’ve been frequently asked by a couple of DoorDash customers about how to tip drivers when delivering their orders. I can’t answer it because I’ve never tried the customer app to make an order.

I’m a little surprised to hear what they say that there’s no driver tipping option on the DoorDash customer app in Australia. Honestly, I thought that every delivery platform had it. I can say that because I have heard from fellow Dashers that they have received a cashless tip from customers a couple of times.

What makes me curious is how Dasher in Australia can get a tip from customers when there is no option for that inside the customer app?

Nathan – Australia

As we know Australia doesn’t have a tipping culture, this also applies in New Zealand. Most of the population in these two countries think that tipping is unnecessary. Most of the service workers here also don’t expect a tip from a customer.

However, if someone is very satisfied with outstanding service, a tip will definitely always be appreciated although workers operating in service industries across Australia already receiving sufficient pay.

How much to tip Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Menulog in Australia

As we know, tipping in Australia and NZ is not standard etiquette, so most food delivery customers don’t feel obligated to leave tips to drivers who don’t expect it either.

So, how much tip do delivery drivers in Australia usually receive? There is no standard rule about this, but from the testimonies from several delivery drivers, most of them get a $5 – $20 tip in cash.

The nominal will be lower when customers provide cashless tip through in-app features such as those in Uber Eats and the Deliveroo app. Tipping drivers $1 – $5 via the in-app tipping feature is common here, although some may tip up to $20.

Cashless Tip: Uber Eats and DoorDash Australia

Which apps have an in-app driver tipping feature

Tipping in Australia is never mandatory. This may be the reason why some of the on-demand delivery platforms operating here do not have an in-app tipping option. However, there is one platform that already has this feature but they decided to disable it here in the Australia and NZ market.

The following is a tipping option on several popular on-demand delivery apps in both countries.

1. Uber Eats
As the market leader with the largest number of active delivery drivers in the region, Uber Eats gives its customers the freedom to reward their delivery person.

Uber is also the first platform to introduce an in-app driver tipping option in the country. Customers are still allowed to tip in cash to drivers.

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2. Menulog
As an app founded in Australia where tipping is not customary, it is certain that Menulog does not have an in-app tipping option for its customers. So if the customer wants to give appreciation to the driver, they can only give a tip in cash.

3. DoorDash
Unlike Uber, which was both born in the US, DoorDash decided to disable the in-app tipping option for their customers in Australia and New Zealand region. Fortunately, apart from giving tips to drivers in cash or customers, you can also do it in other ways, which we will explain in the next section.

4. Deliveroo
In early 2021 Deliveroo decided to follow Uber by enabling in-app tipping. Not only that, but they will also send a push notification to the customer right after the order has been delivered, letting them know that they can tip thru the app.

How to tip customers in DoorDash and Menulog Australia

In the US, the country where DoorDash was founded. The platform’s delivery person or also known as Dashers relies on tips to supplement their income. In the US, the delivery pay offered to drivers mostly includes tips.

When the company officially launched in Australia and New Zealand, it decided not to bring in-app tipping features in this region, including notifications for customers to tip their drivers. The reason is probably to adjust to the habits of the users here.

The good news is that DoorDash still provides an option for customers who want to give cashless tips to delivery drivers. Customers can add a tip by contacting support via the help menu in the current order.

For Menulog, unfortunately, until now we have not found any information from drivers that work on this platform about the in-app driver tip. It seems that tips on this platform can only be cash only.


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Lisaaa · October 25, 2022 at 9:48 pm

I’m from the U.S and have been living in Australia several months now. It took me a while to get used to the non-tipping culture but now it’s a relief to save tips for the ones who provides outstanding service. I almost always tip Uber drivers still. Doordash not so much since they always deliver to the neighbor’s house despite detailed extra instructions. Do they actually not read those?

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