Menulog was one of the first companies that run an online food ordering service in Australia, it was founded in 2006 and headquartered in Sydney, about ten years before Uber finally unfold its food delivery service in the country through Melbourne.

Has been operating for more than 12 years making Menulog one of the most popular food ordering services in the country. They have worked with more than 12,000 local restaurant partners around Australia and over 800 restaurant partners across New Zealand.

When they first arrived, the Menulog did not serve food delivery because they did not delivery partner or couriers to do that. They only facilitate ordering food via their native mobile apps and easy to use websites.

However, due to increasing demand and the arrival of new players in the food delivery service, especially from Uber Eats which has thousands of delivery partners. Menulog decided to start recruiting independent contractors to help them deliver food orders, especially from restaurants that do not yet have their own specialized courier.

The Menulog does have massive restaurant partners in most cities and suburbs across Australia. Their food ordering service even serves several cities where Uber Eats and Deliveroo haven’t opened their service yet. However, the food is delivered by restaurants or you can take it yourself at the restaurant after the food is ready.

Where can I Register as a Menulog Courier

Although the Menulog is available in most cities and suburbs in Australia, they open courier registration (independent contractor) only in a few big cities around the country.

From the information we got during the delivery partner registration process, you can only choose the following cities.

Menulog Australia Cities
State City
New South Wales Sydney
Victoria Melbourne
Queensland Brisbane
Gold Coast
South Australia Adelaide
ACT Canberra
Western Australia Perth

The list of cities is likely to changes because there are several cities where you can find Menulog couriers delivering food but not in the list above.

Courier Requirements

  1. Personal Requirements
    The requirements are related to your personal information including your proof of identity. As long as you are at least 18 years old, and have some personal documents below you can provide courier services to the Menulog.

    • Passport or right to work in Australia
    • Full Driver’s Licence
    • Australian Business Number (ABN)
  2. Vehicle Requirements
    The requirements are related to the vehicle that you will use to deliver food. You can choose to use a car, motorbike or scooter to deliver via the Menulog platform.

    • Your vehicle should be a 1990 model or newer.
    • The vehicle have a CTP insurance.
    • The vehicle is registered in Australia.
  3. Additional Equipments
    As an independent contractor, you are free to use your own equipments such as insulated/thermal bags and phone holders. However, Menulog also provides a full range of delivery kit that you can buy.

Step by Step Registration

If you currently live in a city where the Menulog needs new independent contractors for food delivery, you can immediately register online, even with your phone.

Here we explain briefly how to apply as a Menulog delivery partner:

  1. Go to Menulog Courier Registration Page.

    initial menulog driver registration

  2. After landed at the registration page, you will see several fields that you must fill.
    • Name: Your first name and last name.
    • Email: Make sure you can access the email account.
    • Phone number: Your current phone number without Australia country code (+61), just enter a phone number starting with zero.
    • City: Enter the name of the city where you can deliver. It doesn’t have to be a place where you live.
  3. Right after clicking Create Account button, you will redirect to a page that asks you to specify the starting address for the delivery zone.

    menulog delivery zone an vehicle options

  4. Next, you will see a Delivery Zone, it is an area within the city where you can receive and deliver food orders. The delivery zone is implemented so that the distance of delivery is not too far and the eater receive the food as soon as possible.
  5. After confirming the delivery zone, you will enter the Menulog Courier Portal. Initially, you will be asked to choose a vehicle type between car/motorbike/scooter or a bicycle.

    menulog driver registration steps

  6. The first step is Docs. Here you are asked to input and upload the personal and vehicle docs that we mentioned earlier in Courier Requirements. Requested documents such as Driver’s License and Vehicle Registration/Insurance Certificates.
  7. The second step is Schedule a Call. You will be asked to complete a quick screening call with the Menulog team.
  8. The third step is Banking Info. Here you will be asked to enter your bank account number which is useful for receiving payments every week.
  9. The fourth step is the Courier App. You will be given instructions about the Menulog Courier app, such as where you can download it, how to use it for pickup and delivery.
  10. The fifth step is Courier Bag. To maintain food temperature, during the delivery process a commercial-grade thermal bag is required. If you don’t have it, you can buy one from Menulog.
  11. After successfully passing all step of registration and your documents have been approved, you can immediately receive an order and start earning money with Menulog.