One of the thing that is important for Muslims when they visit a non-Muslim region or country is halal food. For most Muslims, they must ensure that the foods they eat are halal-processed. If you are a Muslim traveller visiting Australia you should not be worried about that.

In this country, there are several government-approved organisations which offering halal certification services to Australian food service facilities such as restaurants. So when you just arrived in Australia, you can simply look for and choose several halal-certified restaurants in the city that you will be travelling to.

The easiest way to find halal restaurants nearby is by using Google Maps, just by typing the keyword “halal restaurant” you will be able to see a list of several restaurants around you, complete with addresses and unverified reviews about the business. You can even walk or drive directly to the nearby halal restaurant with the help of navigation from this free service.

But what if you are too tired to be able to go to the restaurant after a long trip and have no idea whether the halal restaurant offers delivery orders or not. If that is your problem, then you can try to use online food ordering and delivery service that will deliver your halal dishes right at your doorstep.

On-demand online food ordering and delivery services have been in Australia for several years and now several companies compete with each other to provide the best services to Aussies. From all of the companies engaged in this field, the biggest and most popular are Uber Eats, Menulog, DoorDash and Deliveroo.

Halal Food Delivery Service

The four most popular food delivery services have a filter to show the list of nearby halal restaurants. The majority of restaurants that have halal cuisine are mostly Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Indian, Asian, Turkish dishes. Here we show how to find halal-friendly food from the food delivery application in Australia.

  1. Uber Eats
    Uber Eats is a leader in Australia on-demand food delivery fields even though this service is not the first in the country. Uber claims they already have partnered with more than 16.000 restaurants across Australia, not only that this service already available in more than 30 cities around the country, from Hobart, Tasmania to the Darwin, Northern Territory.

    With the large number of restaurant chains handled by Uber, you will have enough choices to get halal restaurants and dishes that suit your taste. Also, Uber has thousands of standby drivers around the country to deliver your foods order.

    ordering halal food uber eats

    Uber Eats Halal-friendly Filter

    To find out restaurants with halal dishes, just open the Uber Eats app, specify the address where your food will be delivered. After that, you will see a list of restaurants closest to your location. To filter out restaurants that provide halal foods, you can tap the Filter menu at the top right, then select the Dietary sub-menu and tap Halal.

  2. Menulog
    Menulog is an online food ordering service that was founded more than ten years ago in Australia and also supported by thousands of restaurants which are available in almost all cities in Australia. However, due to the limitations of Menulog delivery drivers, your order will probably be delivered by a restaurant specialized courier not delivered by Menulog driver, so you might are unable to track the food delivery progress via the app.

    menulog halal food

    Menulog Halal Food Caegory

    To be able to order halal food with the Menulog, on the front page of the app select the filter icon positioned at the top right to filter cuisine, scroll down until you discover Halal.

  3. DoorDash
    In addition to Uber, there is another US-based company that competes to provide food delivery services in Australia, DoorDash which is Uber Eats’ toughest rival in the US has launched its services in this country starting September 2019. As a new service, DoorDash is currently only available in Melbourne and soon will be available in Sydney and other major cities.

    doordash halal foods

    Sort Halal Dishes DoorDash

    To be able to order halal dishes with DoorDash in Australia, after determining the delivery location you can scroll the top menu to the right until you see the Halal icon. Unfortunately, when we tried to choose Halal icons the app revealed no restaurant. That does not mean there are no halal restaurants on DoorDash platform but the restaurants are not properly tagged since we still find several halal restaurants listed even though the business isn’t tagged as Halal.

  4. Deliveroo
    The UK-based company Deliveroo is a food delivery service that is quite popular in Europe, in Australia the company has been operating for some time even before Uber Eats was available. You can find halal food by tap the filter icon on the top right of the main page of the application, scrolling down until you find Halal options.

    deliveroo halal food

    Halal Tagged Deliveroo Restaurants

Which Service Should I Choose

It depends on where you are, if you are in the capital of the Australian state like Melbourne or Sydney then you can try all of the apps that we mentioned earlier. Other than that, we recommend that you use the services from Uber Eats and Menulog since the apps are better at tagging halal restaurants.

For those of you who want to save money while visiting Australia, you can use services that have a variety of promos for example free delivery, special discounts with minimum purchases as well as other promotions. You can see our post about Uber Eats and DoorDash promo codes that apply around Australia.

In addition, you also have the option to use the app that you already installed before coming to Australia. If you come from North America you can make use of Uber Eats or DoorDash which are already very popular in their home country, whereas if you are from Asian countries maybe you can use your Uber account as Uber already popular in Asia through their ridesharing services.

Last Updated on October 29, 2019
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