In 2014 Uber began to hit New Zealand’s road, starting from Auckland, the largest and most populous city in the country. Although there is a lot of controversy over the existence of ridesharing services, but in fact, Uber continues to operate and expand to several other major cities such as Wellington and Christchurch.

Uber is a leader in the ridesharing industry after gaining the largest market share within a few years after it was officially launched. But now, they must be willing to share the market along with other companies like the Indian based Ola and Kiwi-owned company Zoomy.

Even though Uber has many competitors at this time, which come with attractive offers such as lower commission fees (18% for Ola and 15% for Zoomy) and various benefits. But that does not actually make Uber abandoned by its driver-partners.

According to a driver who works for the three platforms available in NZ, he said that Uber has the most user base. This is proven by 60% of the work received coming from Uber, then followed by Ola around 30-35% and the rest comes from Zoomy riders, as reported by NZHerald.

Rideshare service has become part of the lives of locals, the growth of this service is also growing each year. This growth also needs to be balanced with the availability of the driver. Uber will require more drivers so that they can reach a wider area while minimizing the waiting time for riders.

Many people make Uber as a secondary job, only drive when they have free time. If you are interested in becoming an Uber driver in New Zealand, here we will explain some of the requirements that you must have before being approved to drive with them.

Where is Uber Available in NZ?

Uber ridesharing platform keeps growing in this region every year, this can be seen from the growing new city where riders can book a ride. They first arrived through Auckland, then broadened to several other major cities, in 2018 their service was available in 7 cities.

In mid-2019 Uber doubling their cities overnight, now their services can be used in 13 cities where their services can be ordered. The following is a list of cities where Uber operates.

Uber NZ Cities
Island City
North Island Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton, Tauranga, Rotorua, Taupo, Napier Hastings, Palmerston North, New Plymouth
South Island Christchurch, Dunedin, Queenstown, Nelson

Driver Requirements

The basic driver requirement to be able to drive with Uber in New Zealand is how old you are. You must be at least 21 years old and have all the supporting documents as follows.

  1. Full Driver Licence
    Unrestricted NZ driver licence is required to work with passenger service. Besides that, you also must hold the licence in the last 12 months. Uploading any other licence such as learner licence will be declined.
  2. P Endorsement
    You are required to have a P (Passenger) Endorsement ID card to be able to drive with any passenger services. You can get it at NZTA approved agents like VTNZ or AA.

    Uber can also help you to obtain it, just visit them at Greenlight Hub. But make sure you already have all the supporting documents needed by NZTA.

    As a part of your P Endorsement application, you might be asked to complete the following requirements:

    • Medical Certificate
      You need to submit your application with a medical certificate. Just visit a qualified medical practitioner for a medical assessment.
    • Right to Work
      You may require you to provide proof of your work rights in New Zealand. This usually applies if you don’t have NZ citizenship.
    • International criminal history check
      In case you have lived in some other countries for more than 12 months. They might need to check your history in every country where you have lived.
  3. Logbook
    Once getting your P endorsement, NZTA also requires every endorsement holder to comply with work time related rules. You can record your work time through a Logbook software like Logmate.
uber driver requirements nz

Uber Requirements List NZ

Vehicle Requirements

To be used for passenger service in NZ, your vehicle must be less than 9 years old. You can use any 4-door vehicle sold in the country, and make sure it is still in excellent condition.

In addition, your vehicle must have the following regulatory requirements as mentioned below.

  1. TSL
    An SPSL (Small Passenger Service License) is the type of TSL (Transport Service License) used for ride-booking services in NZ. You have two options to comply with this regulation, use Uber’s TSL or use your own.

    If you choose Uber a licence, go to Greenlight Hub and they will provide you with a TSL Label. You must display the TSL label on the bottom right-hand corner (passenger side) of your car’s windscreen.

  2. CoF
    Your car should pass a regular check or Certificate of Fitness before active with any ride-booking service. It’s useful to make sure that your vehicle has met safety standards for carrying passengers in New Zealand. You need to go to approved agents such as VTNZ or AA to obtain it. You need to provide Uber’s TSL (#0319653) to have a COF issued for the compliant car.
  3. Vehicle Registration
    Make sure your car legally registered in New Zealand to be approved by Uber.
  4. Vehicle Insurance
    Use any comprehensive or 3rd party insurance policy. If you are not the owner of the vehicle, make sure that your name listed on the vehicle’s insurance policy and also list ‘rideshare’ as the service you are providing.
Last Updated on January 18, 2020
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Subhash Kumar Batra · April 8, 2021 at 7:09 pm

I was doing Uber rides as well as Uber eats before the new policy from 1/3/2021 and I preferred uber eats in view of my family circumstances.
But now I intend to do Uber rides in Wellington. How can I switch over to Uber rides.

Segran Nair · October 13, 2022 at 8:40 pm

i am planning to shift to uber rides.
need help how can i get endorsed.

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